Our health is the most fragile thing. How is the myth of detox using that?


    A lot of scientific publications -also not so scientific ones- articles, websites, spa centers, resorts or with one expression, a whole industry is built around the detoxification of our organism. The famous detoxification which taking into consideration the number of happy testimonials of people who actually went through such detox processes is said to have the most regenerating, rejuvenating, slimming effect. It is said to be one of the best ways to get rid of all the accumulating toxins in our body. It doesn’t matter if you loaded yourself with huge amounts of highly processed food stuffed with strange ingredients which only a chemist with a Ph.D. degree can read on the labels – of course in the best cases when at least the ingredients are listed at all. It can all be erased with a highly expensive massage with some disgusting brown mud, oil or other substance or by drinking an equally disgusting preferably green vomit like juice made of a good mix of tasteless vegetables.

    Ain't that just wonderful that such a beneficial treatment was discovered at all? The conclusion is that you may eat as much utterly processed, lab-made food items as you want, because if you are willing to pay the right amount of money, a specialist will treat you, “detoxify” you and everything will be all good.

    But is that really so? And if it is so, where is that special place where we store all that toxic material? In the arteries? Organs? Cells? Or worse, everywhere? And if it is in every atom of our body, drinking a mixture of spinach with potatoes and broccoli for 2 weeks is really gonna clean that out? How?

    How is possible that our secretary organs, our liver and kidneys although their function is to clear the body of poisonous substances and to eliminate waste products, they seem -after the detox theory- not doing their job but in the case when the brown mud is on the surface of our skin or we drink some vegetables in form of scary looking juices?

    The liver and kidney are always working. The idea is not to overstress them on daily basis hoping to make everything just fine afterward with, for example, mud. The truth is that every organ in our body is functioning well and doing their job unless we overdo something damaging or have some kind of genetic predisposition to some illness. Mother nature, God, evolution or whatever you may want to call the cause that we look and function the way we do, made for example the liver and kidney exactly for that reason, because it was somehow assumed that you will eat food, and that food will have components which you will want to eliminate from your body. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be there in the first place. And once you choose to eat something that you know that it is potentially harmful, then you may also want to live with the consequences. You may be lucky and have no predisposition to some specific illness, or you may not have the luck and you will get sick as an aftermath of your actions.

Some strange juice will not undo the damage, stopping overdoing something that is harmful, or was not in your specific bodies best interest will maybe stop or with time cure what you are suffering from. But those processes are not one or two weeks.

    Every industry relies on the fact that there is always something going on with our body. An ache, a discomfort. It happens because we are living organisms, with living organisms inside us. There is always something going on. Every hour, minute, second or nanosecond. If you feel something going on, it’s because it is something going on. We are such complex operating systems with so many different software running simultaneously, depending on one another, in conjunction with one another, eliminating one another that it is a true marvel of divine engineering that we are doing as well as we are. We ourselves, not all the time listening to our bodies tend to disturb its processes or harm it. But that doesn’t mean that it is something utterly wrong with us. That also doesn't mean that there is some kind of golden rule which applied to everyone would mean a long and healthy life.

    Nobody teaches us how to listen to our needs. We are told to try to find cures somewhere else, told by somebody, done by somebody.

    If you listen to one documentary or read one article, book etc, you will find the opinion of that person who made it. And there is nothing bad finding out what the experiences of others was, but also reading about the argument which presents completely other views must be taken into consideration. Knowing all the views will let you decide what the best for your, and only you actually is.

    Regurgitating information that seems to suit you in some way and assuming that that is the solution for mankind is just simply naive and silly. The truth is that not all vegetarians live a long and healthy life, also no protein overloading sportsman live as a rule long and very healthy life. Some may claim that one thing is healthier than another but the sad truth is you and you alone must find what is good for you. There is no golden all over applicable rule that seems to produce a pattern of just good or just bad results and definitely not some clay, mud or lava stone accompanied by broccoli juice will. Although, you can all the time find studies to underline or overrule everything. The difference is just who wants to sell what, and you will be able to predict the outcome.