To answer the question what can you eat before bedtime, I need to ask you something else first: what did you do before bedtime? No nooo, I don't want to violate your privacy, more I want to know the type of activity you engaged yourself in heavy weight training, cardiovascular training, sedentary stuff (TV Watching, tantric sex, cleaning your shoes, etc) or you were snacking on something...and you still have the demand to have dinner... Don't laugh, it could happen! So. What did you do? According to the answer you are giving, we can differentiate 3 types of dinner. 

 1.You had some sort of weight training. Well, then you may be a professional, in this case, I don't know why you are reading this, the cause should already know... But for people who are not pros, so it goes very simply: you need protein, carbohydrates, and fat. Actually, nothing else exists... those are the macro-nutrients. Period. Not much science in that. The difference is their quality and amount you are determined to ingest from them. Both highly important factors, so you don't bulk yourself, but feed your body with important nutrients. Not junk! You need the protein and carbohydrates to fuel your muscles and yes, you also do need some fat, because it is evening time, you are not going to feed your body long hours during sleep and fats remain long time in your stomach due to the fact, that fats are digested slower than proteins and carbohydrates. This is a very important factor because it will also give you a feeling of fullness for a longer period of time.   So, having one broccoli just won't do the job. Forget it, at least forget it by itself. With a chicken breast together it can be a solution, but all by itself...No way! Just no way! Your goal is anyway not to look like you are just leaving a terror camp, but healthy and good looking. Let's see what am I recommending:
-chicken breast with a mixed salad. The chicken breast in grilled form and the mixed salad, well... let your imagination flow! Throw some green salad, tomatoes, cucumbers in that bowl. Then  think about some good fats, like 3 olives, some nuts (for example 20g). And I am a bold girl, and do make things really crazy, with a few added corn and raisins. Oh my, God, some would say: raisins are sooo full of sugar... Come on people! 5 grains of raisins are not going to do me on that one. If they would, I wouldn't look the way I look. I also may add a tablespoon of flax seed oil. This  salad is healthy, crispy, just full of great stuff, which all will do you good unless you are allergic to some of the ingredients. Be aware for that matter!  

 2.You had a cardiovascular training. The above mentioned is great here too, you may well skip only a few of the ingredients, like raisins, corn, which in the earlier case were justified by the weight training. Unless you do some high-intensity stuff...

 3.You did some sedentary non-activity, meaning you didn't actually engage yourself in any physical activity worth mentioning. But don't be sad. Nobody trains every day. I don't at least, that's for sure. The good news is, you can still eat. More, than that: please do eat something. Nothing is worse than starving. With starving you just tell your body: please hang on to every fat of mine, cause bad times are coming! You don't want to do that. So here is something you can chew upon: have some light cottage cheese with mixed seeds and nuts. Or have a chicken breast with some broccoli.  Tuna with a light mixed salad, omelet from egg whites with some cottage cheese and tomatoes...mmmm...good stuff!  

 Why am I not speaking about quantities...? Well because we all differ, but for example when I am talking about a chicken breast, I am taking it as usually one around 100 g. And broccoli? To tell you the truth I am not counting broccoli...anyway it is not a stuff I could imagine anybody would bolt down in huge quantities...Like: “please, stop me! I can not stop eating broccoli!!!” Utopia. So, just put some broccoli on your plate and that's it. For more taste, sometimes I am adding yoghurt to it and that makes the chicken breast and broccoli combo more manageable, not so dry. After this, you may still be hungry. Well, could be the case. Sometimes I am too. But again! Don't despair! I have a solution for that too! Eat some sunflower seeds (preferably unsalted), but if you are again desperate to eat salty, choose the “light” salted version. But remember that salt makes your body retain water, that will have the consequence you looking puffier. So preferably skip the salt or lower it.  And calculate like this: the actual amount of sunflower seeds in shell equals around the half of it without the shell. I prefer to take them in shells, because when I need them I need to chew on something, and you really have to work with these guys...You can watch a whole crime movie meanwhile eating them and still manage only around 30 g of actual seeds. You have to think, that with shell they weigh around double. So you have your activity and manage to ingest only a few calories. I often rely on them, when I have the feeling: I would really eat something, but don't exactly know what... and in those cases we end up eating too many garbage. So, sunflower seeds is a way better option. 

 The main idea is, never to get desperate. There is always a solution for everything, if it didn't occur to you yet, don't worry, the world is pretty big and somebody out there may have figured it out already. And usually people who figure something out are not selfish, but like to publish, so search and research. Often the best advice doesn't come from pros. Cause their life is so much different, than ours. They come from inventive other people. Thank God we have the internet now... Also, share your opinion, I would also like to know new tricks, what do you do to satisfy the “cheating” urges in the evening? Or why you feel you can not fight them?