Most interesting topic, we are all concerned with: how to have a lifestyle, that will assure us a long and healthy life? This concern is shown by the explosion of sites and blogs analyzing the matter and their huge popularity. On daily basis, we are practically bombarded with updates on what is healthy and what it is not. What we should eat, how we should eat it and what we should avoid at all costs.

     Although I do not argue that there are some main lines we can draw and separate some food items and behaviors in so-called “good” and “bad”, the frightening truth about it is, that human nature, the reactions of our body is highly distinctive, personal and nonrepetitive, characteristic for each and every individual. This is why the work of doctors is so hard. Although there are major repetitive features which can determine diseases, behaviors that can cause them or cures that can heal them there is no universal law that applies to everybody. Not everything is toxic for everybody, not every lifestyle is a cure for everybody.

    There is now a great trend being a vegan. I call it trend because mankind ate meat since its early existence, and the “huge discovery”, that meat is now suddenly toxic is a relatively new concept. Mankind, kind of thrived pretty well with meat though…

    Besides the vegetarian trend, it is highly promoted the exotic food. Food items, that our grandparents and their grandparents for example in Eastern Europe rarely had part of, such as salmon, tuna, all sorts of sea creatures. Pork is called utterly bad and for the tasteless chicken there are odes sang to. The holy chicken… Chicken and fish with rice… When I was a kid, we never ate rice. Rice was something we saw on television that Chinese people ate… most probably because they didn’t have potato or something. Cause let’s face the truth: rice doesn’t taste that good no matter what you do with it. The tasteless chicken in rigor mortis, that we can buy at the grocery also doesn’t offer us any huge culinary satisfaction either. Basically, all of our European cultures seem to be unhealthy now. Everything our ancestors did and ate seems unhealthy and exotic stuff is promoted.

     I don’t have a grudge against Japanese, Chinese or any Asian or middle eastern culture. They are all fine and they should eat what they eat, again I do not have any problem with them. I am just wondering why the hell must we copy and promote their way of living and why the heck we can’t preserve and maintain ours?

     Why is European culture becoming in every single way its own biggest critic? And criticizing food is the main critic. Because we like it or not, our eating habit defines us. Meals, gathering around feasts is defining a culture. What you ultimately gather around defines what you are. Does really anybody have the erroneous feeling that what our ancestors never ate or ate extremely rarely will suddenly turn us in happier and happier beings? Or it will turn us into some sort of all the time unhappy miserable, frustrated creeps who don’t even know where their spine is and why it actually hurts sometimes?

     Overdoing anything is never the solution, but throwing trash on what is actually yours, is also no solution and guaranteed won’t make anybody happier or healthier.

     There goes, for example, the mania with sushi. I was somewhat “forced” by friends to eat sushi, because whenever people hear that I hate it, they come up with the argument, that I probably didn’t taste the “good” one, so they take me and get me some, from the “best place”. They look at me and wait for my reaction. The reaction is, that I tell them after tasting, that I really thank you for the invitation, and they can eat my share too. And I order something else. I could never comprehend the sushi phenomena. Nevertheless, you may like whatever you want and it is our choice, the choice of each and every one of us, but I would never go so far to trash the eating habits and the food items of our culture in favor some other, distant one. The eating habits are formed by the environment. In some cases, a light salad is enough because maybe the average temperature is usually high throughout the year, but there are harsh environments with more extreme, colder weather, where you may chew on broccoli, but that won’t give you sufficient energy to carry on easily during your daily activities. So, there is a difference how the people of a beach-close area or tropical island should feed themselves and a huge difference how you should on a high mountain area, or in Alaska. Of course, upon that there are the individual differences, taking in consideration our unique built.

    This is why I feel vegetarian people who aggressively want to abolish eating meat, for example, act like some communist dictators without taking in consideration that we are all different, having different unique needs, as mentally as physiologically. You can not force a system on everybody. But not only them, anyone wanting to forbid, replace or trash food choices must consider the background of it, the culture, climate etc, personal preferences and the freedom of choice, that all lay behind it.