Are you self-satisfied with your work? Are you self-satisfied with your relationship or generally with your life? Sometimes we get lost in our problems, our daily miseries. We get pissed off of colleagues who tend to not do their job properly and expect us to solve the problems afterward. We get angry at people who are rude, who don't care, because of tiny misfortunes that happen to us almost at daily basis. Sometimes we do wonder why we do everything. We tend to get at a certain point when we do feel that there is no meaning, and there is just much less fun in everything and much more anger and sadness, that it seems life is not that nice overall. 

 I do get this feeling from time to time. I believe everybody does. For some it lasts longer, some of us get better, over it. I used to get stuck in such feelings and thought a great deal about it. Nobody wants actually to feel sad. Everybody wants to be happy. Everybody wants to live their life peaceful, between good conditions, in good environmental quality, everybody wants to feel loved. And of course, everybody wants to be successful, have money and besides the spiritual side, yes, we are only happy if the material side of things is also on a right, comfortable path. It doesn't matter who claims what, we are far beyond the point in human evolution to be very easily satisfied. Especially we are hard to be satisfied when our horizon is widened, we saw a lot from the world and we have vast experience. Practically, the more you know, the more miserable you tend to become.  I am sure you all feel like this from time to time. But, especially the knowing and the experience helps us overcome these misery-feelings. Exactly knowing the world and knowing as much possible from the opportunities that the world can offer us is the solution to these lows. The world is great. Huge actually. When we get depressed, we are living in our small shell, not getting our head out, not looking left or right. The feeling of not having where to escape is a very inconvenient one, but we shall never worry. Being the world as great as it is, the chances are also countless. There is absolutely no problem in that direction. The only problem is with our way of thinking. 

 But, change your way of seeing things, your so called miserable situation and start just thinking outside the box. There is always a solution to everything you just have to think outside your little box and recognize it. Think like this: if you have enough time to cry or eat chocolate, you will definitively have enough time to think about a plan how you can escape the miserable situation you are in right now.  It is just a matter of choice with what are you willing to fulfill your time with. Either  accept the way your life is or change it. And, that changing requires effort? Well, as Napoleon Hill said and he was definitively right: “there is no such thing as something for nothing”.