Why are all sportsman and woman getting bigger?

Woman bodybuilding or a freak show?

I was wondering why we still have woman bodybuilding, why don’t they just dismiss that term and make one universal contest entitled simply "bodybuilding contest". To distinguish nowadays the “gender” among the competitors seems utterly hilarious. Watching the 2017 IFBB Pro women contenders it seemed to me that what I see is actually men wearing wigs. Besides the fake boobs and the bra holding them and the wig, of course, there was nothing to remind us even the sightliest that the contender's sex was the female one.

As Frank Zane once said: there is “no total package, just a lot of freaking muscle”. 

I do know that people argue, that this is not about being feminine, it is about muscle development and the sport. But that is a bullshit argument, because why do we call it then “female bodybuilding” when it has actually nothing to do with being a female? Are we judging a woman on her ability to look more like a man? It’s like calling a pussy nice, basing your argument on the fact that it looks more like a penis. Does that make any sense? Not really.

Yes, you should judge the muscle development but taking into consideration the fact that it is a woman’s body it is on. Is a woman’s body the better if it looks exactly as a man’s?

I think female bodybuilding should be judged taking into consideration the proportion and aesthetics of a woman and not a man's. The same way a man's body aesthetics should be judges taking in consideration the proportions and characteristics of a male body.

And no, a woman’s body is not aesthetic when she has a big waist and absolutely no hips. No, the hips should not be fat, but they at least should exist… as long as we are talking about a woman.


This issue of protruding stomachs and huge amounts of “beef” somehow became the standard. We have come a long way since the beginning of the twentieth century when all began, through the 1940’s, 60’s’70’s, when there was still some demand for the contenders to look at least human and gender-like. Or was it? Or only the technology was not there yet? The public entertainment level, the demand was not there yet. Now, we have come to see everything, phenomenal people, superheroes, action. So who the hell is interested in normal bodies anymore? A woman, muscular or not but still looking like a woman is a pretty boring thing as it seems. I remember of myself when I went to a freak show or a bodybuilding contest. I was utterly bored watching “normal” contenders lining up and showing what I usually can see in the gym too. I paid some money to enter, so I wanted to see something “supernatural”, something that was well worth the money. It may have happened that if there would have been only average looking contenders on the posters advertising the event I wouldn’t even have gone in the first place.

So, as I am here criticizing the contest I am actually taking part in creating it. Just as we all are. We are fueling the industry to produce more products that turn people in a pork chop. Or the industry just produces enhancements that trigger humans becoming pieces of ham, and we hook up on it like fish on a bait? For entertainment and freak show the demand was always there, we in our century are just bringing it to a whole new level.

Of course, we must never forget about the money that is involved in the game. More public interest brings more money. And more money brings eventually more interest, by more advertisement, more exposure. the more we are exposed to something, the more we tend to embrace it. The interest must be kept, so the show must be as spectacular as it can be. Also, the companies that fuel the “pro athletes” have an interest. And their interest is to win, of course, then I ask the question, why it is a question at all who wins? But then, how is it that we still call this a “sport”? It is definitely a show. It may be even an interesting show. But a “sport”? That term lost its value in bodybuilding around the1940’s.