I hear a lot about how boring and drilling it can be to have  9 till 5 jobs. Motivational speakers never skip mentioning, that you must follow your dreams, you must implement your dreams, some may even suggest quitting senseless, “limiting” 9 till 5 jobs and chase your true dreams. Nevertheless, they offer courses to find out what your dream actually is, in case you happen not to have one. Usually everything for a cost. Seminars do cost, lessons, masterclasses, coaching, they all cost a lot of money which most of us cannot pay. So, theoretically, we can not find out our “all-time dream”.

    I never had an “all-time dream”. When I was little I wanted to be a truck driver. Then for 2 decades, I didn’t have any idea. No huge dream or life purpose. But it somehow all worked out. Free of charge. I didn’t have to pay somebody a fee to tell me.

    And let’s be honest, do we need somebody to tell us what our dreams actually are? Also, motivational speakers do come up all the time with the example of being an artist instead of being "just" a "9 till 5 worker". The situation of the “9 till 5” in contrast to being an artist. If you want to paint, then pain, if you want to sing, dance etc then follow your dream and become a painter, singer, dancer. Do it with passion and you will succeed!

    Or will you? Or is that really what you want? Is that better? Is that really that different? Let’s look at it from a realistic point of view. Humankind evolved thanks to a conglomerate of things. People themselves paved a more comfortable existential road to walk on due to a healthy mixture of ideas, actual work, and art. Somebody had the idea to start living in a cave, somebody went out, killed animals to have furs to sleep on in the cold cave and somebody decorated the cave. Which one of these guys was insignificant? One had the idea, without it wouldn’t have existed the culture of having a roof over our head. Engineering, for example, would not exist if somebody long time ago hasn't discovered the need of protecting our bodies, and when they started using nature-made structure, came the idea: what if we made the structure, where there is no structure! Awesome! The idea was awesome! But you still need to make it comfortable. So, the people, let’s say the ancient “9 til 5”s went out, hunted and gathered stuff to make the environment habitable. And when they made it comfortable, maybe they would need it also to be beautiful. So somebody paints some bulls on the walls. They also need to explain to others how awesome they are, so they need somebody to sing a song about their hunting and awesome cave. This is a simple and naive picture, but let us stick to it a little bit further in order to make the point. How many people do you need for the idea? Enough one. How many do you need to paint and sing? One or two. How many do you need to go out, hunt, gather food, make the furs usable, clean the place, fetch water and do all the actual work of which others can sing or paint about? A lot. And this, my friends, is the structure of our society from the earliest of times till the present day.

    Why do we always have to come up with the example of an artist, a kind of job we only need people to perform, a very few of? Art comes along with society, it carves it’s culture, forms the mindsets of its society, but it is only one color in our plasticine ball. It is not above it, it is not under it but a part of it. Although to be an artist takes talent, a certain special ability, although it is given only to a few, it is very cleverly so. Artists fascinate us. Model our existence, but there is a reason why they are so few. Because for society to function what is without no doubt needed is people who do actual work. Not sing about it, not paint it, but do it. It is no shame to put one brick on another brick. It is no shame to clean houses. It is no shame assembling electronic devices. It is called “work”. And work must be performed in an organized manner, in order to get maximum efficiency, so all of us benefit. Creating art is a luxury, work is a necessity that makes our life pleasant. Yes, the lady who cleans my office is an important part of my life. I couldn’t have ideas and perform my work in a dirty environment. I couldn’t give my maximum. The clothes, the cleaning lady and I wear are made by people, who do 9 till 5 jobs in factories, otherwise, I and my cleaning lady would go around naked, wouldn’t we? And those people who sew our garments wouldn’t have anything to sew if somebody wouldn’t have been a great businessman to create a company which produces garments. But he wouldn’t know what type of garments to produce if an artist, a designer wouldn’t have had an idea of that striped T-shirt with a V-line neck. So, tell me, who is important here and who is not? If you cut out even one of them, the system collapses. And if I would want to work in the evening, the workers that I should organize and tell what exactly to work on would want to work in the morning, we couldn’t make anything, could we? So, this whole hodgepodge must be organized, so we work from 9 till 5. And it is good so.

    So, I ask, why is mud thrown on work which is performed from 9 till 5, when whiteout it our society would literally not survive? Or is that for the “dumb”, ones only? Clever people work from, when? 11 till 7? Or during the night from 12 till 9 in the morning? Can’t you see that any way you put it, you will still have to do something? Artist or not, cleaning lady or actress, we all go at one point and perform an action from a certain hour till another hour. You can see it as the optimal way to organize society or you can see it as a burden or slavery. The latter is utterly stupid, as long as you need a smartphone, you have to be thankful that there are people in China who are kind enough to assemble it for you. And they don’t assemble it when they will feel like it, but they have a responsibility to assemble it when others need it. You could long wait for your new iPhone and well pass the announcement date when all the workers would suddenly start to paint intensively like Van Gogh, even cut their ear, so they don’t hear your crying voice when you will not be able to get what you “dreamed of” for months.

    As a conclusion, society is a whole, and with a whole bunch of people, having a whole bunch of needs. To motivate people loving what they are doing is a true motivation because we need everybody to do their job with love and dedication, for one reason because if you do your job with dedication YOU will be happier. False interpretation is, that you make a boss wealthier and that is to it. No. YOU make YOURSELF happier with the process. You make others happier with the process as a byproduct. Somebody will love the car that you are assembling. Somebody will wear that cardigan with love, that you are sawing, somebody will eat that food thinking how awesome cook you are. Happiness is the meaning of life and as long as for our society the 9 till 5 pattern works, why not be happy with that one? If this pattern would not exist, would exist some other. But good patterns make a well-fit suit, good patterns make an enjoyable life.