Why you don’t feel good about yourself and actually have no idea what is going on behind the scenes in the fitness industry? Why is the fitness industry promoting such atypical female figures on covers of magazines and generally everywhere? Have you ever noticed that all the promoted so called “beauty ideal” are actually very very fake? There are actually two types now. First, it was the “teenage boy figure with huge boobs” “woman-type”. I am not talking only about these strange body types which have round asses, absolutely no hip fat running down on the thighs, no saddle bags, not even a tiny one, but huge artificial breasts. No, it is not all about those, teenage boy figures with huge and very tight boobs. This species emerged long time ago and somehow is living the decay era now. It was spotted as too fake, although it still shows up from time to time, nowadays when we thought that things are going to get better, cause the unrealistic unattainable silhouette it was spotted and damasked, came something new on the market. Although fake boobs still thrive, it was somehow time for a nice little change. But how to make a change, when so many fake boobs were already on their way from China in thousands of containers waiting to occupy their places near every woman’s heart?

   Well, we couldn’t let those nice, quality boobs go in vain, could we? No, no, no.

    So, some clever guys came up with a new idea: let’s make the ass, the new boobs! Oh my God! Everyone clapped historically from this thrilling idea which hid so much potential in it! Exploitable potential! So, the Lord created the “ass phenomena”. In case you didn’t know, this is the one that is promoting natural woman-types. This is the one that reflects the true female beauty in its highest possible form. This is the mania that runs under the flag of “strong is the new sexy”, “be proud and show off what nature blessed you with as a “side-effect” by being a woman. Huge thighs, huge ass, round and tight as shit. This is it!

    So, people, the naive public was led to believe that finally, the necessity of truth had a triumph over profit. Nature won over selfish personal gains and greed of some, defeated the world market and the holy fire from the Olympos mountain will forever blaze in its true glory from now on till the end of times.

    Sounds nice, unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. What actually happened was only that the silicon from the Chinese containers (remember, that the shipment was on its way earlier already) made its way from the chest down in the ass. Not a big deal, not even a meter of extra travel, so the silicon boobs didn’t mind that extra travel. Especially when it is for such a great cause, to promote real woman-beauty!

    Nowadays everybody wants that strange ball like protuberant asses. Cause that is now the new boobs! (Must admit if you have both, even better!)

    To promote this natural look even female figures arose on the market. With the huuuge talent, they conquered everything, for example with singing talent (talking over a background music in tight pants it is called singing now – for your kind information). And these female figures with their natural boobs, mouths, and asses promote the natural ass look. The holy female shape. That one that arises man and causes envy and depression in women asking themselves the question: why, oh God why don’t I have such natural beautiful figure with a big tight ass as those singing cartoon figures?

    Must squat more, must eat chicken more, must train more...when that doesn’t come with the expected “natural” outcome, then why not take a little steroid perhaps? Or why not visit a surgeon and get your balls remained from your childhood implanted in your ass directly instead? And all that for the sake of promoting the natural look for women.

    No wonder you don’t feel well in your skin. Is your ass flat? Are your boobs small? Did you ever ask yourself those questions? If you did, then you are most probably a victim of the media, the victim of other people’s greed and manipulation technique, especially if you work out on regular basis.

    The first step is to realize that some people are messing with our mind. Very hard to differentiate what is actually your thought and what was implanted for profit. Not your profit of course.

     Our society is driven with a tricky slogan: you can achieve anything. Well, yes and no. You can achieve a lot in the barriers which are given by nature. But nature is limited, that’s why it is called nature. that’s why life is not as in films. Yes, life is awesome and can be awesome, but acceptance is part of the game. Loving yourself and realizing that you are perfect already is the mastery. It is easy to feel good and perfect when you had surgeries, implants, etc. But those are empty and unimportant outside changes. The mastery is living life, enjoying life with its natural imperfections. Imperfection is nature. Imperfection is our true nature. That doesn't mean that you don’t want to improve, but improving while you enjoy yourself doing so is the ideal life, not waiting for everything to be totally improved and perfect, then waiting to get suddenly very happy. That won’t happen. Reality happens. Stay fit and confident with your unique self, at least you won’t have to be afraid, that your ass will accidentally slide down to your calves… in that case somebody might come up with the idea to implant silicon in the calves too… that would be already triple profit… I am afraid somebody is already thinking about that, if not doing…