Hip fat, cellulite and water retention can be eliminated. Don't worry it is not forever there to stay. They are three different problems and each of them must be addressed in order to have success with your efforts. These three guys tend to manifest in the same places, namely buttocks, thighs, arms. Although the abdomen can become a victim too. Hip fat, abdominal fat, fat deposited on the gluteus, fat on the arm, fat on the triceps with the cellulite and water retention combo, no matter where they are still fat deposits. Cellulite exists because fat deposits exist. Yes, people, doctors, any kind of health care practitioners do claim that skinny women have cellulite too, thus it has nothing to do with fat. But that’s false. No matter how skinny one is on their upper body, they still can carry fat deposit around certain areas, much likely the buttock. Cellulite goes hand in hand with fat because if fat deposits would not exist underneath the skin, the connective tissue would not be damaged, overstretched. The connective tissue as its name claims, it connects tissues, the surface of the skin to deeper tissues. And between these guys, we have the fat tissue. If the fat tissue is big, the more it will try to bulge out. Plus it comes with the water which is present in all our body, it is retained normally in every tissue, more likely in the zones which you also tend to deposit fat.

    That being said, the obvious strategy to destroy that big hip, fat butt, and the annoying cellulite problem is reducing the fat tissue, flushing out the water and enhancing blood circulation in the problematic area in order to activate the zone. The problematic areas do not activate themselves, you have to activate them from inside and from outside. This is the very reason they are a problem because they are lazy areas which do not want to do a lot of work, thus you have to make them do the work.

What is inside and outside activation of the areas which store fat?

   First, the inside activation means, that you do engage yourself in physical activity which forces the lazy muscle underneath the fat deposit to contract repeatedly. You must perform a movement which goes beyond the “used to it” range of the certain muscle, for example: if you have fat on your butt you need to do exercises which target the gluteus maximus specifically. You have to signal to the muscle that it is moving time, developing time. Remember, why do you deposit there in the first place? Because your otherwise clever body wants to make sure that you can still perform any task and you are not bothered by that little fat and water deposit it made for “worse times”. Just like when you build a house. You surely will put the closet somewhere at the side, and the living room somewhere in the middle. So, your butt is considered by your body the closet. It does not bother anybody but still has everything in case you would need it for your survival. You must love your body for being that awesome!

    Anyway, now you would like, not to eliminate the closet, but rather make an order in it, throw things out which you do not need. Great, then go inside and start working there. Organizing, sorting out stuff. Whatever you do, you must do the work. Same in our case. You must do the work. And if you want absolute full success, you do not stop at only the activation of the zone, because unfortunately, that is not enough but attack on every level. You can plan your work and act upon it as follows:


1. Targeting the area inside out by activating the muscle that lies underneath the fat deposit. Now you signaled to the body that it is not an idol area. It is active and thus must be lean to perform.

2. Targeting the fat cells. Reducing the fat deposit can occur through a combination of exercise that burns calories and a reduction of the caloric intake, so the performed exercise can really reduce from the fat cell and it is not fueled by the energy the consumed food items offered.

3. You attack the fat zone from outside, applying creams that boost circulation -there are very effective natural spices and plants that can do the job – in combination with body oils. The cream will enter the skin and most probably cause it to warm up a little, meanwhile the oil with beautifully smooth out the skin.

4. You drink enough water to again signal to the body that retaining the water is not necessary.

5. The most important thing is, that you equip yourself with a lot of patience and understanding toward your bodily functions.


    If you manage to fully understand why your body acts in a certain way, you can make it do exactly what you want. If getting rid of hip fat is your dream, must know that it is possible, others have done it, so there is no reason why you could not do it too. Nevertheless, keep in mind the fact that we are all different and may react to things slightly differently, but there is one huge universal law that applies to everybody and that is, consistency leads to success. That is the pivot of all achievements, not talent, not good genes but perseverance.


    If you do know other tips, that worked for you, I would be extremely interested to hear about it!