I just observed something remarkable: the huge difference between the women who do cross fit and the ones who do the triathlon for example.How on Earth can cross fit chicks be so muscular?

    Although both have low body fat, the cross fit chicks are very muscular and they almost lack any womanly curve, their bodies resemble more the shape of a man rather than a woman, meanwhile, the ladies participating in the triathlon challenges still look as an average woman although also capable of remarkable performances. They have thin waists and hips as normally a woman looks like. Also worth mentioning that all the cross fit chicks who blah blah about “eating healthy” and working out have some pretty protruding jaws. Jaws that are rarely to be seen in the case women, as given from mother nature I mean…

    Because I do hate people who lie or create false images in order to create false perceptions I surely would ask the question: how on earth do you end up looking like a man with eating broccoli, chicken and rice and all those so called “healthy food, natural food”.

    The thing is that women, given by mother nature are less muscular than man and are not genetically planned for building huge muscles, carrying huge weights, having no hip fat, no fat ass… because we do know that women deposit fat on that particular area where the child is due to form at some point. We also know that again conceived by mother nature women have more body fat and tend to hold on to body fat exactly because of their capacity to have children. Evolution does not give a shit about cross fit, fat asses, cellulite or who lies what on the internet. Nature cares about serving a purpose in the best way possible. The uterus is and must be protected, so huge muscular arms, back, and shoulders and tiny pelvis are not something nature aims for cause it is against the purpose and it is beside the point that we like it or not.

    I do work out since many years, of course not as a professional athlete, but as a hobby lifter let's say. Also, I know women who work out and take care of their eating, but surprisingly none of us look anything like those fitness chicks who cool their mouth on every channel possible about “being healthy”. I also do know ladies in real life who do look like them, but those ones all take some sort of steroids, enhancing hormonal abracadabra. No, they did not get muscular with exceptionally low body fat just merely by eating right and working out regularly.

    Of course, I am not saying by any means that you can not improve significantly your body by doing these but you will never ever find yourself being transformed into a man, with no waist, no hips, just huge shoulders and muscular arms and a protruding six pack. And let’s just don’t forget about the huge jaws and thick necks.

    You will end up being a sexy lady, with lower body fat, but you will never totally lose your womanly curves in a natural way. That will happen only with some outside help, substance and by producing or forcing some major hormonal changes.

    Worth it or not? That is for everyone to decide.