Fat asses are utterly annoying and at first glance hard to get rid of, but that is actually not the truth. Yes, a fat ass can easily get rid of. Let’s see how.

    I am sharing my own experience with my fat ass and how I managed to shape it to become a very sexy butt, a butt that I can brag with on the beach and an ass that my boyfriend is crazy about. First things first. We all must admit that a flat ass is much worse than a fat ass because a flat ass will never be able to get round and sexy, no matter how much squats or lunges you do. Women who have a very flat ass can make it grow big and round only if they take some sort of growth hormone that enables the muscles to grow over their genetically well-defined shape and size. Do not fall for the lies and bullshit where they tell you that in a few months your ass will look like a watermelon if you previously had only a frying pan. The ass muscles are like any other in your body, so if you are genetically blessed with a big, fat ass then you are actually one of the lucky ones. You only have to get rid of the fat layer that is covering your magnificent butt and you will instantly become sexy as hell! And getting rid of that fat is as easy as it can be. You need only two major things for it: 1.a calorie counting app and 2. the most important thing is your marvelous mind power to support you on your way to be a little patient with yourself. Yes, basically that is how easy it is. You may as well want to drill into some sport, fitness, weight lifting – I highly recommend that, because sexy asses are made as well in the kitchen, as well in the gym- but that is not a must, regarding the fact that mother nature has already blessed you with a magnificent butt. And yes, mother nature is not responsible why of your eating habits. Those are determined by you. Processed sugar for example very much likes fat asses. Processed food items and big butts developed an awesome relationship throughout our evolution. This as gorgeous as it may sound, it is not such a great news for us and you might want to do something about it. As sorry as we may be to destroy such a great collaboration, we must step in and break it. We must bring something new. A third party in the equation.

    The new kid in the neighborhood will be the sexy ass “mindset” that you are going to develop, by visualizing yourself with a sexy ass every morning and when cravings come during the day, you just turn to your visualization. See yourself with a bathing suit on that it is not carving a line in your puffy skin, but sitting tight. See yourself as people are stunned on the beach as you walk by. It can take only 2 minutes to visualize and the benefit is enormous. To go even further, bring along the friend of your mental power: eat an apple. Eat a banana, apricots, cherries are also very tasty. Pineapples, watermelons, pears or oranges and many many more are all there for you. Fruits are there for you to support you on your journey towards your brand new sexy, tight beach ass.

    The secret is to eat fruit 2-3 times a day. They have a lot of fibers and will satisfy your sweet cravings. That is why they are so important. Fibers keep you feeling less hungry, eating a fruit after a small lunch, for example, will fill your stomach, so you won’t have the “empty stomach” feeling, or that you did not eat enough. Be brave and give your mental strength support with these guys.

    Be aware although never to go under 1200 calories, because it will slow your metabolism down and it is too hard, so you will not be able to maintain it for long. A good tip is to alternate. Alternate the 1200 calorie days with for example 1400-1600 calorie days. Avoid eating the same food items and the same amount of calories every day. Being diverse is highly important. By eating a diverse diet you are signaling to your body that food is not scarce. There is no starvation, so it does not need to deposit fat anymore. Your body eventually will realize that you can eat anything, there is abundance, no stress, so it can relax. Feed your gorgeous ass 5 times a day with small portions of diverse food items and relax, be confident and trust the process. This way you consolidate your self-esteem, you strengthen your willpower and will become more patient with yourself. Patience is a key factor because ass-evolution will take some time. Count on a month till you will start seeing results. Why a month? Because you are not starving yourself which would lead to a more direct weight loss, but on a short run. After it would stop or you will not be able to continue anyway. A relaxed mind is a powerful mind. A stressed mind is a week mind with little or no willpower at all. So, a week mind is the least thing you want. That’s why everything is interlinked. A very low-calorie diet stresses the body and the mind. Avoid that at all cost. Be patient, relaxed and strong. Strong for your extremely sexy beach “fat ass”.

    If you liked my article you can check out my Youtube channel where I am literally showing my ass and telling all the secrets how I could get that round, big but sexy butt and with NO Cellulite!

    Enjoy life and be hot and proud of your big ass!