Getting along with people is the hardest thing because everyone thinks in a different way, everybody has a different image of themselves in their mind, ergo the reflection of that on others may differ highly from our way of seeing things. 

 A very annoying category of people are those, who don't have any perception of time, seemingly don't give a damn about your schedule, ignore every social “getting alone” and believe that everybody should accept that, that they are “different” or “special”. Every “not being there”, “don't pick up the phone” and have a big smile afterward in their mind is ok, and means that they are “cool”. But what happens indeed with this kind of people? If they don't have the tremendous luck to be born in a wealthy family, they struggle all their lives with money problems, relationship problems, career problems. When you talk to people like that, they seem to accept their nature like that, the struggle what they put to survive, and generally that life is hard, and you just can't have all that you want. 
I had the chance many times to experience people like that and carefully observed, that although at first glance they believe in themselves, they seem confident, the truth couldn't be further from that. 

 They are not satisfied at all with themselves, they are not at all confident, they do not believe in a bright future, they very much accept life as it is, not trying to change the situation, to get somewhere. The true characteristic of these people is, being  late from every meeting, from every event, seemingly not respecting others. But respect to others truly comes from a high dosage of self-respect. Like Madonna said: “Until I learned to love myself I was never ever lovin' anybody else”. With love and respect is the same. The key to being loved and respected lies in our own hand, starting from feeling these towards ourselves. People who do love and respect themselves tend to have patience with such individuals, because they do see through the curtain of the “macho” and see only a frustrated being who through making others wait after them, to call them repeatedly, “chase” them, track them down, because they are not honoring the settled date or time etc., they really seek attention, more attention. 

 A calm and confident person, without “teenage-like” frustration issues, does wait and call repeatedly, and has patience with the struggled souls, because till a certain point they feel pity and the “let's save the whale” attitude comes along. But for how long?

 Being successful means associating yourself with successful  people, not necessarily from the material point of view, but the point of view of success in life. Because we all tend to think that success in only something that has to do with money. In this picture money is only the second player. A life is successful when you, yourself feel that is successful. Cause the world can tell that you are the best thing, like it told to Marilyn Monroe, but did that stop her from committing suicide because of feeling simply too miserable? No, it didn't.
But what chances do these people have to become ever successful in their life, to feel the satisfaction of being the one and only themselves when they deliberately kick away those with whom associating with, they really could have a fair chance ending up happy? 

 Don't be the person, who kicks away chances and people.
 Being late is cool when you are 12 and your boyfriend is 13,5. Then you'll show him, that you “are cool”. But when you are 30, the only thing you show is how big mess you are.