When we go shopping the temptation to buy the most calorie dense and unhealthy items is always there. At least for those ones who don’t have the right shopping-fitness-badass-sexy chick attitude. This is the right attitude no matter your current status. And how is that? Easier than you think. It is just a small mental switch, which you only have to switch! I am using it all the time, and even to my own surprise it really works. So, how should it be done?

    The point one is not to go to the supermarket hungry. That is already a good beginning. In the moment you get there, and start to walk through the shelves packed with “goodies” the black angel of temptation starts to slide up to you. You want the chocolate, you even hear the chocolate crying out your name. You hear the cookies calling you just like evil sirens are calling the unsuspecting sailor man… But wake up! You are not an ordinary marine! You are a shrewd pirate like Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow! You are mighty and magnificent and you will now adopt the right attitude to cope with everything is going on in the evil supermarket. This trick I stole from the “law of attraction” preached by so many from Earl Nightingale, Napoleon Hill to Mary Morrissey and many others: You have to visualize yourself as already having accomplished your goals in order to attract it to yourself. This translates itself in our situation as follows: meanwhile you walk through the store you may well see the cookies dying to be bought out there, but you visualize and think of yourself as already having the figure you want. It is as simple as that. You might ask, why the heck would that change anything? Well, that changes a lot.

    I will explain why this technique is helpful and yes, how I have used it with great success many times. First of all, if you think of yourself as being fat, looking bad, with big ass, a lots of cellulite and being well aware of the fact that changes do take a lot of time, at the point when you are also hungry and craving for the addictive food items packed with unnecessary calories you might as well go along with your cravings because one package of cookie won’t make much of a difference anyway. If you won’t eat it, you won’t get up looking like a top model the next morning anyway. So, if you see yourself looking the way you actually look logically your brain will conclude that it doesn’t make much sense not to buy it when it offers so much pleasure. You will conclude that eating won’t make a significant change, so why not go along with the flow? Why torture yourself by saying NO, when accepting is so easy and doesn’t come with any repercussions anyway, so you might as well indulge on the craved items.

    But what happens if you change your attitude to the shopping-fitness-badass-sexy chick attitude? Will the cravings stop suddenly? No, but you will get much stronger mentally. Think about it: you have the craving, but you know that the thing, whatever the “thing” may be, chocolate, cookies, salted roasted nuts, contain tons of calories. But you also know that you are a fitness girl with a six-pack. No, don’t look down, look straight ahead! So, you know that you are sexy, you are fit, you have put so much work and effort in working out, getting in shape. You are your own dreams walking flesh and blood on two legs and now you want to bloat yourself with chips? Six pack abs are delicate things. They are very sensitive to the body fat level. If your body fat level gets just a little bit higher they tend to disappear easily. Now think, and think hard. Do you really want to destroy everything you have accomplished till now?

    Imagine if God would come and ask you one day: if I give you your dream body, would you promise not to eat that stuff you, yourself know that it is not right for you? If by magic from just one second to another you would transform, but you would have to give up on the stupid anyway useless food items, would you accept it? Maybe you say no, I would not accept it. In that case, live your life happy with what you got and don’t think about six packs and asses without cellulite because that stuff doesn't work with BS food. But if your answer is a big YES, you would accept, then you are on the right track because if you had that body, you couldn’t – shouldn’t eat that stuff anyway otherwise you would lose everything again. 

That is why it is so important to imagine that you are already there where you actually want to be. It is just a little time gap between the two. If you follow this principle you will get where you want. You will get the sexy body, the small ass and nicely curved hips you so much crave for. Because having a six pack and an ass without cellulite doesn’t happen overnight, it is the result of a long process of imagining yourself as already having one, long before you have it and adopting a lifestyle that would sustain what you already have -or just want to have. There is no difference between the lifestyle when you already have what you want, in terms of fitness and when you are only working for it. They are the same things. That’s why so many people after drastically losing weight pack it back, but with a double because they do not comprehend that fat loss diets do not exist. It is only a certain way of feeding yourself that suits your purpose, that one exists. There is no dieting and happy ever after. There is only a lifestyle that you adopt, so it will come along with a certain package of benefits and downsides. It depends on you, what means “downside” for you.

    If you think positive about it, not in terms of restrictions, but in terms of achieving your goals, then you will realize with time, that downside actually does not exist and tricking your body is also so easy. But I will explain that, how you can trick your body to feel full and as if the cravings had been satisfied without touching junk food at all… see you in my next article.

    If you want to have some extra face to face motivation with the fitness chick attitude, take a peek at my youtube video! I show you how I do it and it works wonders for me. Big hugs and stay sexy – sexiness first comes from inside you, it has nothing to do with the mirror. "Outside" will adapt in the moment the inside truly believes!