Yes, the saying, that money can't buy happiness is pretty true. So true, that practically nothing in this world can actually give you happiness. Here the big problem is always with the verb. Something that “makes” you happy, something that “offers” you happiness. We are always waiting for the verb, the action when the joy is not outside, but inside. You just have to find it.

 Depending on outside sources to somehow provide the feeling of happiness is a tricky business. Our mind is the boss of our life. It happens what the boss says, what the boss orders. But what does the boss order in our case? Frustration, fear, depression, hopelessness, hate, disgust OR it orders cheerfulness, open-minded state, respect towards others, hope, desire, optimism? Why is it so that for the first group we need a small or no reason at all, but for the latter “team” we do need some hard artillery? We can get upset in the morning because the internet provider makes a “break” of 30 minutes to fix something and can't check your emails, so, as an obvious conclusion, you'll be upset all day, thinking that nothing works (?!), but to get you happy you'll need to get promoted, get a serious salary raise, or meet Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen) himself. It's like we needed only a mote to be unhappy,  but had to get an air-posted elephant to squeeze a light weight smile from our faces. 

 Relying on other people is not so wise. Relying on things to “make” you happy is also not a very wise decision. One thing must be said and well understood: people and things can ONLY CONTRIBUTE, they can not MAKE. This is a very confusing thesis, I know, but we do have to clear it up, even if we do that hypothetically at first. 
Imagine yourself like a fortress. The enemy comes. Can the enemy defeat you only by showing up at your gate? Surrendering yourself to unhappiness is like surrendering all your great fortress with all the great army and riches in it, just because 2 representatives of a foreign country showed up and they are screaming in front of your gate, that if you don't surrender they will ...they will What??? Well, get very upset. But really! So, what do you do? Execute your big and strong army? No! You fucking don't give a damn! That's what you'll do. You'll laugh them in the face. Maybe you could invite them for a hot soup, and calm them down. 

 As ridiculous it would be to surrender yourself without a fight, as ridiculous is to get upset and unhappy about  the small annoying things in life which bomb us daily. Life is just like that. Peeing against the wind will get you...well... kind of peed. So, why on Earth to do that? 

 The happenings in our life have absolutely no effect on us until we get angry about them. Things don't happen with the very particular purpose to cause us pain and anger. Things just happen. 

 It comes into my mind, the fitness trainer I had before, who is a very airy person, to say the least, who is always late, everything from 20 minutes to an hour. But he is a gorgeous trainer and I made an  impressive body with his help, but he was and is an unreliable person. What did I do with him? Let him go and get another who was punctual? No. I actually stick to him and accepted it. I went all the time 15-20 minutes later or did more cardio till he showed up. Was that bad? No, actually it was very good, cause I lost more fat. So, a theoretically bad thing I turned into something good. It could have affected me when I let myself be affected by the not so serious nature of the person. Maybe could have believed that he just didn't care. But I tried to see beyond the “visible” and appreciate the good and just don't give a damn about the part, which may drive other people mad. Even when I met him, we started in a very peculiar way, because at our second session, he told me that he left his job. Of course, I didn't believe it then, and later when we became closer he admitted he was fired. But even then, I didn't really care, cause I saw something in him, something that obviously the general manager of that gym didn't. So, just try to see the opportunity, the challenge in every seemingly annoying aspect of your life. It is worth the try!