Why the west seems brainwashed for Eastern Europeans?

I’ve asked this question and an acquaintance said: because they all are. I don’t agree with this. I admire westerners because, with all their so-called faults, we seem so eager to point out, it is still not them who come to us to work in the fast food restaurants but we do go over there. And we do go to the west in great numbers. Yes, their culture, their world views made it possible for them to develop as they did. And we didn’t. We in Eastern Europe are still not there where West Germany or the US was 50 years ago. And now they seem to lose their edge, soften and willing to lose their cultural identity of which they do not seem to be proud of anymore. Seems incomprehensible for the east. And we don’t understand their social policies. We can not think and view the world as they do. It is impossible. And they also don’t seem to understand how we view the world either for that matter.

Why is this happening?

I believe understanding is totally impossible. The only way would be respect for the others view, that in the best case scenario could be achieved. We will never get each other because we do come from such different backgrounds. Just think about on a personal level, how the child to whom everything was given by their wealthy parents behaves? How do spoiled children behave, when they never have to fight and put extra work to obtain something another has to work hard for many years in order to obtain? How are the celebrities to whom fame comes at a young age and does not have to sweat decades to obtain it? Can they really appreciate it or they do tend to squander away and does not understand the value of it?

The west will and can never understand how it is just to fight for the right to read in your own language. It is not their fault, it is absolutely normal not be totally appreciative toward something that comes by default for you. We don’t sing praise songs on each and every day that we did not die in our sleep or that we can walk and are not terminally ill. We don’t even think about it. It is normal not to. Although sometimes could help us to remind ourselves that we also have so many things to be grateful for. Might just make us feel better. For example, I never saw Germans dancing in the street of great happiness just because they have a lot of highways or Americans that they can afford bigger cars than the matchboxes from Europe with 50 ml engines. Once I saw a documentary about how poor Americans are nowadays. They were all driving pick up trucks and meanwhile they were very poor. In eastern Europe, you drive a pickup truck only if you are darn rich, and not necessarily because we couldn't somehow buy it, but we can not afford to fuel it and pay the honor tax burdens. So we drive strange four-wheeled soap-dishes in which nothing and nobody fits. Ever. But the Americans take that for granted and they are not happy every day when they see their car. They just reluctantly use it and complain about how bad it is. And this is normal. Also, we don’t praise electricity and get angry if the internet is slow. Because by default it should be fast and we are used to it, we don’t go around hugging with everyone that we can open Youtube. We could even be very sad and open Youtube and not get extremely happy that it really did open. We go on staying miserable about Kevin, who left us. F*ck Kevin, Youtube is working! We never say that. Never ever. I think I made my point here.

This is why the west does not get us. They live since centuries in relatively stable economies. And I do know some may protest this, but overall the east was never that wealthy as the west. Just see the French or English castles. In eastern Europe, everything is smaller, simpler. It was always different.

In Romania, we are fighting and protesting to have a highway built longer than 3 km. In the west, they go on protesting because their thirteenth wage was cut.  We as minorities are fighting for our right to learn and use our language, although we are not new-comers, in the west, they take off the cross from school not to discriminate other religions with it. We always had to fight for everything, in the east nothing just „there is“ because someone wants the welfare of others and we do know what happened when the social welfare was promoted last time in Eastern Europe... I don’t hold a grudge against Mr. Marx. He was a westerner with typical western views, although he might seem different from Mr. Keynes or Mr. Hayek for example. But he still was a westerner. And he conceived everything as it should be. Not like it actually is. The west was clever and recognized that you can not adopt it on a realistic plan, but the east adopted it nevertheless, a western idea with eastern mentality and standards. And millions had to die to prove that it is not working. The east always adopts western ideas. But in some funny or dramatic distorted way. They don’t do it as the west does. We do everything in another version. Not quite it and not quite with the same outcome.

East learned something about history. Adopting western policies rarely meet the same success because they are not quite adequate in that form or maybe it is not adopted in the right form in the first place. This is actually the huge struggle of the European Union too. It is really hard to create the perfect environment if you have a rhinoceros, a Komodo dragon and a polar bear and maybe a salmon. What do you do? They are all kind of beings, but they need different climates and one needs water non-stop, where the others would drown after some time. You need the planet to support them, but you can not make regulations, like from tomorrow we all live under the water. Or we all live on the ground. Or we all live in the rainforest. They can’t even eat the same things. It is interesting that the diversity that is somewhat respected in the case of animals is so ignored at humans. Yes, there is one human race but there are nations, geographical regions, climates and hundreds of other things that modulated our consciousness. That is still modeling us. Why are we so reluctant to accept that we are different? And our main differences are not only in looks but in mentality, how we view the world. Why does everybody consider that acknowledging the differences is bad? There is nothing discriminatory about it. It just is. As long as we don’t deal with our differences by acknowledging them it is literally impossible to make policies for everyone unless you adapt to the people having to live by it.

Throwing stones to one another never worked. Blaming another for the views they are convinced about will never get anybody convinced that you are right, letting one judge for themselves might.