Hypocrisy. If there would be one thing that I should name as the biggest fault of humanity, is hypocrisy. No, not violence, aggressiveness, envy, scorn, wickedness, ignorance or being anti-vaccination. No. Actually, all of these wonderful traits are only the buds on the tree of hypocrisy. The most annoying super characteristic of just about every one of us. And the mere fact that we are is not even a problem, the problem is that we suffer the consequences. All the social media platforms, the popular ones with daily statuses and feelings are the physical, virtual manifestation of our hypocrisy. This is our best trait and all the world is constructed around that. This is why there is duplicity and where is duplicity there can’t really be balance, harmony, and joyfulness because one might find his or herself trapped between chairs and sitting uncomfortably on the cold floor tiles, although there are chairs around. Our soul also feels the hypocrisy roaring in us and toward us as well. This causes a disturbance, unrest and we think that the gay parade did it for us? Of course not. We get irritated we feel anger, shame, envy, and God knows what on a daily basis, a whole plethora of bad sentiments but we fail to recognize good old hipo? We will call hypocrisy hipo from now on, first because I am not English and it is easier to spell. The longer version imposed great difficulty previously - so I observed - and secondly because you will start to ponder about it more if the name doesn’t seem similar with some kind of contagious disease. However, we must not lose from sight the fact that it is a serious condition one must cure herself from in order to liberate herself and see things as objectively as possible. Why is that important? Because in our modern day and developed and theoretically free society everybody sues everybody for words, gestures and even would for thoughts if they saw them. This way you could condemn the whole mankind I believe. Just to think how many I have tortured and killed in thought during the years… that multiplied by a few billion… of course, only the middle class would get convicted, for the others the reasonable doubt would be looming around with no sign of disappearing. Ever.

     Why is it important to see things as they are? Well for one reason, because we most of the time imagine situations with much more vividness as vivid they prove to be in reality. Usually, the vivid details crown the fearful situations that might happen once in the future, mostly not based on anything concrete whatsoever other than childhood fairy tail stories about dragons and kidnapped princesses and the Men in black. This latter offers a solid base to many imagined future job interview situations, too. To see things as they really are will make us feel better. Like calling yourself fat will make you feel better. Well maybe not at first, but realizing that you are fat will trigger some sort of action to overcome that state in which all of us find ourselves in at some point of our lives, namely being overweight, as of fat. We may even feel free to recognize the truth.

     Calling yourself “Twiggy the walrus” will only lead to more desperation. You will feel fake. Why do you think that Elvis died? He couldn’t stand those romantic songs anymore they made him sing. He should have torn the contracts and go for a vacation in Malibu or somewhere, I am sure he could have afforded it. But he didn’t so he died.

     In our society, you can call somebody a kitty or match dogs to human celebrity faces on social media platforms but if you associated them with monkeys or worms somebody could sue you immediately for insulting their integrity. Like they had one ever, but that is again not the issue here.

     Of course, I don’t agree to call anybody anything or matching human faces with those of some animals, I don’t want to hurt any animal’s self-esteem here, but the question albeit remains why we became so sensitive to everything lately? I believe that recognizing our own state, appearance, mental capacity, IQ, EQ, education, etc will lead us to improve it. Don’t go around hurting others, at least not publicly, might save you some attorney fees but start with yourself. Not the hurting part, just the “recognizing the truth” part.

     Be brave and don’t try to fool yourself! Do you know that we are ourselves the hardest to fool by our own self? If that sentence means anything… You can easily go around and fool others, just look at elections. Seems pretty easy. It is always the same patterns, the actors are replaced. Look at Marilyn Monroe. Ok, you better don’t look at her now, there ain’t much you can look at anymore anyway left from her but if you looked at her back then one could have wondered why on earth to commit suicide when you are so beautiful, so famous and so not sick? Of course, among stars, there have been a lot of similar cases since then, cases that are beyond comprehension for the everyday mortal. But it is not that complicated at all actually. There was duplicity. The people hide their true self. Starve their soul of valuable and vital soul nutrients and give themselves the chips of emotions. False approach. It won’t make you happy anything else on this earth, just the very things that are within you, the things that have a seed planted in you. You must bloom the flower, that certain flower which hides within. You might be a rose and you make yourself appear chamomile. Or you might present yourself as a common snowdrop, meanwhile, you being an orchid. You somehow will feel uncomfortable. But if you keep calling yourself Barbie, meanwhile being Batman, you will never save Gotham! And oh boy, sometimes, we feel we have Gotham unleashing with full force inside our head...