If we have a problem and we perform the ultimate error to start reading just about everything on the world wide web about it, it will get worse and what is even trickier is, that we might develop syndromes we did not have before, which might be similar to what others have experienced or what others say it might be or feel like. It all depends of course how fragile our psychs is, but the truth is, no matter how much of a “character”, full of self-esteem we might be, disease, any disease that in some way interferes with our usual routines will make us fragile. Will make us receptive to anything that is relating to our situation and we might absorb it like a sponge. Fear of being debilitated is great and can transform us. Also, whatever we might suffer from gets worse by thinking the worse. The fear, uncertainty is accentuated by the relatively high number of doctors who are unable to help us. Who shake their shoulders and tell you: that’s it. Live with it. And you just stand there, totally in darkness, and you realize that you have absolutely no idea whatsoever what is going on in you. Paradox, it is you and you do not know what is inside you. You do not know what is your problem. What is worse, that the doctors many times don’t know either. Some don’t know, some don’t care. The result is that you don’t, know, the doc doesn’t know and what is sure, that you are stressed out that you won’t heal. Especially true for the younger people. When we at an early age are diagnosed with something, you stand totally perplexed why that is happening to you? Why exactly you and why so young? Well, whether we like it or not, for humans there is no natural selection anymore. All the diseases, genetic wows are being given to the next, next and next generations. For example, I suffer from a spinal degenerative disease. Just like my parents. I suffer from many more diseases, that my parents started to suffer from at an older age. In my case, everything happened much earlier. It is interesting to see that my grandfather started to suffer from the same issues even later in life. So, the disease is clearly a genetic one. It is clearly transmitted from one generation to another and it is also clear that is starting to manifest at an earlier and earlier age. Now, why is that? We are talking only about 3 generations. We all survived. My grandfather is now over 80 years old. What does this mean? We tend to live longer and longer but the quality of life gets worse and worse? Whom do we this phenomenon have to thank you to? Or maybe to what? What does my life have what the life of my grandfather did not have? They also worked. They also had conflicts, problems, and stress. What is the difference then?

    One might think that we have a protected and cushier life. We have the washing machine, dishwasher, blender, cooker, high tech vacuum cleaner and lawn mower, computers, phones with which we can reach the world, any information anytime and we could continue. However, we are much more stressed than our grandparents.

    I think the saying that less is more is totally true. It is like you would have 300 pairs of uncomfortable shoes rather than having 3 which fits you perfectly. And here we come to the point where I say, that the life we live is not the life which would fit us. No, our current life does not fit us otherwise we wouldn’t be all the time sick. Spine problems, sciatica, lumbar pain, neck pain, here pain there pain, infertility, depression, all kinds of gynecological problems and we could continue without an end. For example, infertility is like an epidemic in modern societies. One generation before nobody even thought about it, it was rare. Today it is just commonplace. Why?

    One thing is for sure. One man can not keep a family anymore, talking about the average, let’s say middle class or poor. So, women have to work. Although I am a believer in gender equality I also believe that man and women are built differently. That is true whether we like it or not.

    Women are very emotional and live everything. Now in today’s society where social pressure, the need to “show”, the need to achieve, the need to “be somebody” is present, the competition, the losing, and the conflicts are also present. Because working, in case you are not a librarian it is stressful. Other individuals have their individual opinion about life, work and you of course. Working is like going daily on a battlefield even though we don’t feel like it. We might like our colleagues, we might even like what we do. But if all that would really be true, we would not have so many problems, would we? And women are not particularly good at battlefields otherwise we have evolved differently. Yes, I know, some may claim, even be proud to be a female doing a totally man-like job and being good at it. congratulations. the problem only is that no, the majority of women would not make great soldiers. don't understand me wrong I am against being a soldier altogether, man or women, but I am pointing out only that there are gender differences. and forcing somebody to do something which is not adequate to their physical or physical built is ultimately going to put pressure on that particular organism. (You may only protest if you are 90 and never had been sick.)

    Yes, there had been rich and poor all the time. Yes, our grandparents had to face stressful situations too but now the world is different. Definitely the gap between rich and poor has widened and the relaxed middle class, to which my grandparents and other ancestors belonged to is not just thin but more close to the poor rather than the rich. The flow of information, knowing what there is out there and how limited you are can make you a fighter. An achiever, but will also take away your health. It will cause a damage. It is not like you killed a mammoth and now you have something to eat all the time. It is like hunting down one each and every day, and finding that the mammoths are getting smaller, and where the big mammoths are you are not allowed. You can see them on TV instead. Also if you don’t like mammoth meat and prefer to live on seeds which you can pick without any stress in the forest, somehow the society will force you to go out and hunt the damn mammoth anyway. Maybe because somebody destroyed the bushes with seeds and built a shopping mall in its place. May happen… it happened before…

    Me suffering from lumbar pain, I took a nerve-calming medication. The doc, which was by the way utterly uninterested in my persona altogether, wrote a prescription. I took the thing. And then something miraculous happened. The miracle had nothing to do with my lumbar pain disappearing, which it did, but the miracle was that although I could perform my tasks perfectly, I was totally uninterested in everything and everyone. Before, when I saw that an Email came, I immediately read it. I stopped whatever I was doing and read the Email. I was anxious who wrote what. Taking this medication, I first finished what I was doing, I did what I planned next and when I had free time I only opened the Email, which was, of course, a desperate Email from somebody wanting something. By the time I read it, the problem solved itself without me actually doing anything. What a nice situation. What a nice state. Taking this drug I realized what I was doing wrong and actually how I should do in the future, even when I won’t need the painkiller anymore.

    Just realize how anxious you are all the time at the workplace and between the colleagues you think of as friends. See that you are shaking your leg maybe? Feel sometimes nervous in your stomach? Those butterflies? All those small and apparently insignificant things that add up and bloom as a disease at the end.

    And now how to stop it? How to stop being anxious and stress-free, being calm and cool without medication? Well, I developed a technique that helped me do it. In very short, it starts with not caring so much about circumstance and caring more about yourself. Interested in how that actually and in practice worked and how can you make yourself less caring, because our mind it really seems unstoppable sometimes, read on here and find out.