Are you in a blizzard of information not knowing whom to listen to? Maybe your self-esteem is gored by so many attempts of getting where you want to be, but failing every time? Feeling somewhat deplorable being in a rut? Having the feeling that your chums all do better than you? Feeling mentally and physically like a plump gnome?

 Blot out that image from your mind! You are no lawn gnome made of porcelain set on the verge of the garden table getting freaked out at the squeaky sound of any opening door expecting every moment for someone to come in and get you knocked off. It’s a travesty how much and often we are scolding ourselves, how often we feel like dweebs whining all the time. Breach the self-scolding and finally start to incur yourself for something better, the true you. Life is not a lumpy gravy you have to ingest no matter how lumpy it is. You are an emperor of your mind but you also have to be a rogue to your own self. Realize that our brain is not there to make us happy, our mind is there to assure we survive the trespasses of life. Hence it can be a bona fide scold sometimes. Cloaking our problems by watching soap operas usually doesn’t resolve our issues and offer the final success to our quest for ultimate happiness. It just only sets aside but doesn’t curtail or ward off future challenges. But you are no inanimate entity, are you? None of us is. We should, we are meant to feel fine, ergo one must face the realities of life.

 Have you ever seen a cat being unhappy by its own status? Dogs, birds, bugs and fish, they all just exist being what they are. Sometimes they seem to enjoy their existence, and when they don’t they don’t need anxiety medication to get them back on track again. A little sunshine is enough. But the cat does not have an electricity bill either. and this is a biggie, that a human must take into consideration. 

 Humans commit suicide, animals rarely do such things, although some similar behavior has been recorded at some species, still, it is an extremely rare phenomenon. As for humans seems to be a usual occurrence. According to the World Health Organization, 800 000 people commit suicide every year. The organization also offers an extremely interesting data, that the most suicide cases occur in middle and low-income countries, among the young population between 15 and 35 years of age, whereas the suicide rates are much lower in high-income countries and they occur in higher numbers much later in life between 40 and 55 years of age.

 This is a very sad statistic. It tells us clearly that money, income is directly linked to happiness, no matter what dumb Facebook posts say about being happy just by watching the grass grow. In our modern society, it is not possible anymore. We may post it on social media, but in reality, being poor it is just not fun. Doesn't give you confidence. It is just not enough.

 Money, unfortunately, gives confidence to people. This is why you always see the most expensive cars parked the dumbest way. Of course, this is the other side of the coin when too much confidence alters the common sense. But we don’t need to go that far.

 Certain financial security, relatively safe and good life is the key factor for being happy. And who is happy, is not concerned about the opinions of others also has healthy self-esteem. The balance is the to be as you are, acknowledge it, enjoy it. Money alone can not make you happy, but money alone can make you absolutely miserable. You will never ever enjoy a flower, a good laugh or a meal when you can’t pay your electricity bill.