Our psyche is a complex learning system adapting efficiently to environmental changes. Our brain perceives the changes in our environment but we don’t sense what is actually going on, rather a mere reflection, interpretation of it. Everything we experience is actually no experience at all. It is a mere interpretation of reality through our own filters. The awesome representation of this is the stock market. It exists only because we believe that a certain thing has a certain value. It has less to do with the real value, rather with what we think of it, how we value it. And of course, the stock market crash is also an exquisite example. When it crashes, does that mean that the whole world collapsed, or the companies vanished? No, it doesn’t. Everything is there in exactly the same way it was before, you just panicked. You start suddenly to worry about something you should have been worrying probably since 1945.

    This happens in every aspect of life. To the bare thought that something might happen in a way we would not prefer it to, there is a whole list of scenarios we are marvelously able to construct in our mind effortlessly and apparently unwittingly. It does not matter if you want to think about it or not. It plays no role even if you are in a position to think about it or not. It just happens. Your brain senses a potential problem and with or without your consent starts to think about how to resolve the problem, which does not even exist yet but it might. The funny aspect of this is that although we do know that our brain is capable to get us out of every situation, we still worry. We should know that our willingly induced contribution is not even required in order for our brain to produce a myriad of plausible scenarios. It happens automatically, so whatever it happens, you will react to it, because you have vast experience from the past. In the past, your sensors perceived reality, at least some aspects of it. The brain will look for solutions based on what is sensed in the past, what was the outcome of that, everything measured to your own particular system of filters and there you go! It will produce a reaction or behavioral pattern. It is so accurate, that you can even predict yourself. Or you might be able to change the way you will act consciously analyzing what you did in the past.

    Conscious analyses of our own past actions and consequences of environmental impacts are good because of two reasons:

1. You can correct your own mistakes analyzing your past action and its consequences

2. You can see that some changes in your environment didn’t even produce any negative effect on your life, so after a logical deduction and comparison of the current scenario with the one that might somehow happen, we could end up with the horrible conclusion that the happening we are so much afraid of will actually have no impact on our well-being, our security, self-esteem, and all those important stuff from the pyramid of Mr. Maslow. (The famous American psychologist, back in the twentieth century.)

    If a situation pops up and situations have this annoying characteristic of just popping up from nowhere with the even more disturbing effect of not letting us sleep at night, causing criminal fatigue, depression, etc. a deep self-analysis is highly required in order to be able to continue with our life. We cannot simply let the mind do whatever the mind wants to do. It is a highly automatic system; the role we play in it is irrelevant. We are actually a result of its functions, not the trigger of them. the problem is, that the way sometimes reacts in our modern environment is not accurate for our life and not beneficial for our well being. It is beneficial though in many cases because most of our daily actions do not require our full attention and focus and we can let the autopilot take on. And this happens with most of our actions. That is why our mind is so good at it. It comes naturally to it. What you want to force upon of course takes some action and it won’t go as smoothly.

     We are not made to be happy. We are made to survive. And happiness, a constant chill attitude will get you eaten by crocodiles. Literally. So the mind, if the eye senses some bubbles in the water immediately alerts you to get your precious behind off the shore and run as far as you can! This is why you feel that in some situations you would just hide away or run away or disappear. Because it is perfectly logical for you to feel so. After all, there are crocodiles in the water. But think in another perspective, what if you started to self-explain that the water you are lying near to is an inflatable kids pool and the bubbles are from the little plastic duck which started to sink in the water. Would you still run? No, cause you could hit the barbecue stand.

    Unfortunately, our reaction and intense brain work are due to nothing most of the time. Nothing actually happens, but we are still capable to make our own life perfectly miserable for a couple of weeks in a row due to something that might occur.

   To avoid totally this intense brain work it is not possible, because first always the autopilot is the one which comes in, but with some attention to what is actually happening one could ease a little bit the tremendous tension that can build up over nothing and make life utterly miserable. Although life is short and the best part is always the right now, it is a pity to ruin the present because of the mirage of the future.