Western Europeans in larger and larger numbers are claiming they are communists nowadays. This comes as a highly obnoxious surprise for those peoples who actually experienced the horrors of that regime. So, let me, as a genuine communist offspring, tell you about communism.


Being born and raised in an obscure Balkanic country you've probably never heard about, based on personal experience, I somehow feel entitled to enlighten you.

Don’t you find it strange in the first place that only youth and other dumb individuals from western countries, who never experiences communism praise it? You will never hear a Polish, a Hungarian, or Romanian ever having too many courteous thoughts around the red issue. Never ever.


How do you even define communism? Oh, yes, I know! You've read about it and learned that it means fraternity, progress, equality – whatever that may be – rights of all sorts, free schooling, free health care (lol), and global coming and going; although, that is something of a new invention. Or, simply put, everything the lower middle class and the poor, especially the poor, of which is starting recently to be more and more of would want in their lives. Or maybe you read the Communist Manifesto? Isn't that cute? There are some pretty cute ideas there, no doubt about that. And the realization struck you like the metal train the aliens in the Dark Phoenix that the solution to all the woes of society has already been presented to us. We just fail to apply it, therefore if we did, all affliction would be permanently exterminated of public life.


Hence swaying toward the left should come naturally to us, like a benediction.
Well, I hate to spoil your commotion and will make a slight attempt to light a flickering candle in the dungeon-bubble located on the top of your upper body.
Left in practice entails just about nothing from the earlier mentioned traits. Don’t revolt just yet, I know that Mr. Marx and Mr. Engels, made some vigorous attempts to lift the affliction of the working classes… oh sorry, actually they only wrote and spoke about it. With the “living the dream” scenario they fall short, somehow.

The mighty ones that actually put the theories into practice were: Mr. Stalin, Mr. Mao, Mr. Brejnev, Mr. Lenin, Mr. Ceausescu, Mr. Fidel Castro, Mr. Kim Ir-sen, Mr. Pol Pot, Mr. Josip Broz Tito, Mr. Rakosi Matyas, Mr. Hugo Chavez and many many more and the millions falling dead after their every step is the living proof, actually more like the dead proof that the system is brilliant. All can claim earth-shattering success, is it not? Have you even heard about these fellows? Yeah, right.

And even before you would claim that these dudes actually misinterpreted the message, please answer me one question: why is Nietzsche almost prohibited in German schools nowadays? He never ever wrote: go and kill as many non-Germans as you can. Never. Some people interpreted as they wished and did what they had in mind anyway. The truth is you can always find literature to back up banning free speech, free will, or free anything as a matter of fact.
In theory, everything looks fine when people start to apply it, on the other hand… there comes along the human factor. The human character, that famously straight forward, honest, loving, empathetic nature of our species, we are all familiar with.
The truth is you should not ban literature, any literature, nor Marx, neither Nietzsche. Although one might argue, the theories of Nietzsche indirectly killed far fewer people than the ones coming from Marx did. However, you should treat books and the fractions of somebody else’s imagination with skepticism and always keep a healthy distance from them. The world is not black and white, it would be great if it was, though. It comes unfortunately in a plethora of nuances. One should judge wisely the dogma he or she associates oneself with. Analyze more the historical facts, the economic outcomes, rather than cute words on white pages.


Let’s say you associate yourself with Mr. Stalin because you just like the guy.
And don’t tell me you don’t, because more left than that you can not possibly get. Also, don’t tell me, if put in a high position: you would not create a cult of personality, rule as a dictator, and kill millions of people. Because many more before you tried and they all ended up doing basically the same thing: killing people who disagreed. Ok, occasionally first imprisoning and then annihilating. In the thirties, due to collectivization – which means people, starving to death in the name of public prosperity - between 6 and 8 million people lost their lives in the Soviet Union alone. Presumably, of course, since the PR of the communists was far less efficient than of the Nazis, as everything else by the way.


In 1953, after the death of Stalin, between 4 and 6 million prisoners were allowed to go home, after 15-20 years of forced labor among the cruelest conditions imaginable. Yet, the number of victims of deportation is to the present day very much unknown. Not many documentaries are made about it; however, the count of the deceased during that flourishing communist era is suspected to far exceed the number of victims produced by Mr. Hitler and his gang.


So ask yourself the question, do you really want to associate yourself with Lenin, Stalin, or Kim? If even the slight thought of associating yourself with Hitler causes you nausea then so should this.

Dogmas are dangerous, dangerous ideas cause devastating results. The sad thing is, when the enthusiasm is gone, the one thing it remains is the truth and that in practical terms is no socialist utopia.