Top ten marketing strategies that will endeavor to empty your wallet: 
1. Supermarket organization: the organization of the shelves and products at the Supermarket lures you in, motivating you to buy more and more because they just flow so well. The products bind. For example, they've recently changed the position of wines and alcoholic beverages at the local supermarket and brought them near the meat sector. Why? Oh, you've guessed it, because good meat goes well with good wine. Earlier, there were biscuits in front of and milk products behind. Nonsense. After buying biscuits, meat doesn't seem a logical option. Who eats biscuits with meat anyway? And the milk, well the milk went to some far corner, why? Because you will not decide in a sudden urge to buy milk. No grown-up individual has an urge for milk unless you are a cat. You need, or you don’t need milk. The person who is attempting to buy milk does so because it is a basic product. But what about biscuit and wine? Any alcohol and any sweet? Must admit we all the time crave these items, but the purpose of making the journey to the supermarket is not triggered by the basic need of desperately lacking biscuit or a bottle of wine. At least in the better cases, it is not. These are only acquired byproducts, just as the silicon cup topper with panda head that you gained standing idly in the line on your way out.  The same thing applies to the surprise eggs placed at the height of your child’s eyesight. Not higher, otherwise he could not observe it and want it. It is not meant for you; it was meant for him. But you will buy it, the small piece of overpriced chocolate with a misshapen unrecognizable animal figure in it, of which your child has 3 already, anyway. 
2.  The Mirage of Christmas. Must admit that the Christmas frenzy is huge. One of the best-exploited festivity ever. The Christmas carols played in every highly decorated shop with red, green colors, Santa smiling on you everywhere... love all around, coziness, friendliness, and food. And presents. People rush to the shops and buy and buy and buy. You’ve got to have everything on that Christmas table, everything that your body does not need at all. Huge fried animals, huge baked sweet food items and at least 20 of each of them. Some studies conducted in Romania showed that families only for the Christmas dinner spend as much money, as they in a whole average other month do for one member. 
3. Cozy coffee shops, may that be Starbucks or any other. The environment in the coffee shops is well designed to make you feel at home, to make you want to spend more time there, maybe order a cookie too, even if you initially went in only for an espresso. You may even bring your laptop, studies, etc. The workers are most probably bored, overworked with low salaries, and they couldn’t care less about you, or your sense of coziness and friendliness, however, the climate induces that state anyway.
4. Playing with prices
Ending prices in the number nine is an old school technique of tricking people; giving the impression of buying something cheaper than it actually is. 3.99 always looks better than 4. They are only playing with your senses. 
5. Attractive dish names in restaurants 
This is something that goes together with a theoretically high degree of sophistication. If you wanted to sell a slice of coin-sized meat with only one half of asparagus and charge 50 dollars for it, the best way to go is naming the protrusion on your plate something like "delicate pork tenderloin marinated in saffron sauce, seasoned with grains of paradise and crispy South- African oven-roasted asparagine with Himalayan salt."
6. Casinos
The casino environment follows the basic luring philosophy of the supermarkets, combined with the atmosphere-ideology of a coffee shop. How are they achieving that? First, there is never much light in casinos. There are never any windows, neither powerful artificial light nor natural. You won’t feel exposed. You can feel comfortable. The furniture reminds more of a cozy and safe mountain cabin than a place where you will actually get rid of your financial securities. The only thing missing is the fireplace. But I am sure one day somebody will think of that. Besides the dim light, you have the organization of the whole space. Forward lines and clear delimitations are being avoided; it’s like a labyrinth, a cozy cave where you can let go and unfold without being seen or judged.  
7. Domestic appliance retailers
Again, the setup of the store plays a potent role in what they intend to achieve, namely that you buy more than you aimed for. Entering the space, you will meet the small gadgets first. Even if you intended to buy only a washing machine, you just might end up becoming the jolly owner of a new smartwatch. I personally became a jolly owner of such a highly necessary item while looking for a washing machine. I just passed by, and the little shiny object caught my eye. And once you put it on and can even afford it, there isn’t anything there to stop you, is it?
8. Appetizing discounts
They always place reduced-priced items near the counters and the exit. While you want desperately to check out, might as well look at those savory discounts. For example, dirty toys, hit frying pans and jagged jars.
9. Social Media
Targeted ads on social media platforms are another magnificent way to lure you buying something you don't need. Are you in a fitness group? You just might desperately demand some new yoga pants. Are you a potent young male with no wife registered on Facebook? Awesome, you are the best candidate for a brand new light purple masturbating kit. 
10. Online shops and search engines
Once you had been looking for something on the holy web, you can be fairly sure that wasn’t the last time you’ve seen that item. Ads with satin lace babydolls will surely pop up while you read next time about the latest mass murders in Sierra Leone. And the online shops themselves are meant to offer more than what you’ve asked for. If you look at one item, they will try to suggest further similar or complementary items.
11. Youtube
Good old YouTube. Everything is there with a purpose. Nobody is on YouTube just because of the sake of it. Nobody actually gives a floating moss if you can make a decent smokey eye, or you will just end up looking like Michael Myers in the movie Halloween. The Youtuber will get some reward for showing that to you, be sure of it. Even if they don’t, they will benefit from the ads interrupting those penetrating presentations you think you can’t do without. 
Those were eleven strategies, consider it a discount. However, we might go on and find some more. I am just too bored to continue, and anyway, my smartwatch reminded me to get up and take some steps. I believe I am utterly behind with steps today… Darrrrn