Looking for a job for some time now, and you finally get a hit! You attend the interview, you’re confident that it didn’t go that bad at all, but the weeks pass by, and no reply comes. After a month, it finally starts to sink in. You were not the chosen one. You feel utterly disappointed; thought-hurricanes are devastating your mind; you keep going through every word, every sentence. You come up with mistakes after mistakes that you allegedly committed; new scenarios and catchy replies come up - now that you are calm, of course. What I could have said otherwise, what I could have answered otherwise... Nothing more useless than this pondering, however, we all do them.

What it all eventually comes down to is self-blame. You feel that you are worthless; you are not intelligent enough. Everybody else is damn clever and intelligent, except you. I assure you, we all do this. I know it is not much of a comfort, but it is true. We have been there, especially in this new world order of extreme greed and little actually created value, it is easier than ever to feel unworthy, unlucky or something "un." Like there is you, and there is the other part of the world, with all those boring success stories we are so fed up with.

Still, you are not alone. It is not an individual problem; it is a global problem. And that, my friend, means that you are not guilty, you are not worthless, you are not less talented, intelligent, educated and so on, than the rest. The problem is totally different. Companies nowadays do not allocate the same amount of resources for research and development as they used to. They are more likely to engage in stock market hoaxes, hedge-fund bluffs because it is easier to create rumors, change numbers on papers, buy and sell than to invest in research or development, whether that means tech or human.

Usually, they allocate funds for tech development if that will directly generate more money for 2-3 individuals and bring misery for more. And everybody is reluctant to invest in people, and here is where it all comes back to you as an individual. If you don't match their exact profile, if you don't have the exact experience, because we are all unique and have different life experiences, then you will not be selected. It comes down to greed. It all comes down to greed. They don't want to prepare you, to waste even a dollar on your further development; they will simply choose somebody else. Somebody who might be a dull and grey character, but matches their envisioned employee image better regarding the exact work experience.
Let's be honest, what chances do you have to match the exact thing that somebody else envisioned? Not many. It is a somewhat sad economic situation we are all in right now, despite all that high tech shit we are surrounded with. The philosophy is not finding the right person, rather finding the individual in whom we have to invest less money and would preferably work for free or as cheap as possible. Yes, this is the new corporate philosophy you feel right now bad about. It is not you, it is not us.

It is somebody's vision. This is why no truly intelligent person is ever promoted enough to become president or some kind of world leader; this is why forests and animals are shaved off the surface of the Earth every day, this is why more toxic waste is produced every second and this is why eventually it will all go wrong for humankind. Greedy, disgusting individuals rule and shape the planet, and this is perfectly reflected in the job market. It is a rotten micro-cosmos that will project itself on disturbing levels as time will go by. I am now absolutely sure that I’ve elevated your morals, big time.
You will find a job, this is also sure that you will eventually end up hating in a few months or years anyway. So, don’t worry.