Do you work in a corporation? Since long? Do you sleep well? Are you constipated often, or do you suffer from diarrhea? Do you like it? Most probably not. Neither the diarrhea nor the corporation. Me neither. Do you wonder sometimes why do you suffer from diarrhea or insomnia, or why do you wake more often than not at 3:30 a.m. and can’t fall asleep till 5 a.m., but the clock wakes you at 6 already? In these cases, you most probably feel fresh like Tutankhamen’s mommy at the time of its discovery. You do not need to look further, the cause for all your cheers is right there. All that good stuff happening to you happens with a reason, and that reason is the corporation. Yes, that huge shiny block we all go to every day, where we spend most of our day, seeing no real sunlight, no real grass, or trees but not just that, we don’t feel any true human interaction either. Everything goes on with a reason. Every question, every move has no sense other than someone else’s profit. It is like poop. Everything will have one end: a poop, just like your boss’s profit. Not yours of course. God forbid… Yours is only the poop.

In a corporation, if your manager asks you how you are doing, he or she is not really interested in any of a sort. They are only interested if you are physically or mentally capable of performing your daily profit-generating duties (not for you of course) or not. They are not interested in your well being whatsoever, so when asked, just terminate the discussion with a short 'I am fine, thank you.' If you start explaining how despicable you feel, you won’t get any empathy, and even if you get some, it will be a fake one. Your colleagues are also not keen on finding out that you are not feeling well and might take some days off as well. They do not want to replace you and get your work too. They just want to make sure you are well and don’t need to stress about some extra duties.

So, in this friendly, true, caring cushy environment, it is no surprise that things start to turn bad for you at some point. Your mental wear will take its toll, and your body is going to show clear signs of revolt. But what did you expect, anyway? Your body was always there for you, supported you, and took your big head to macky as many times as you felt the urge to introduce food items of unidentified origins in its central orifice. Your body supported all your mental discrepancies with your own ego. And now what do you do? You lock your body up in a boring office, and the only thing you give instead of the lost freedom is stress and anxiety. Just to stir things up a little bit.
So, the body starts doing things you do not like and making your life miserable, even more, miserable than it was.

And you say: isn’t enough all that stress at work, how would I like to rest and sleep like a baby at night but it seems not to be possible. My body is plotting against me. My body wants to kill me.
Well, your body does not want to kill you. Your body is just the physical manifestation of what’s going on in your mind, of what a daily corporation atmosphere is doing to your mental well being, of course, everything under the flag of tolerance, gender equality, multinational, multicultural, empathy, social I don’t know what, groupasslicking, etc., etc. We pretend all day long in a big box to be free and happy.
How do you even imagine that in such circumstances your free spirit, your body, would not revolt? They should just bear it?

Some people might be capable of bearing it all.

They suffer, they freak out alone when nobody is around, and the next day they perform well again because we all need to perform in a corporation because we all have targets. And those targets must be met otherwise somebody – who is not you – can not get rich enough. Don’t worry, they will pay you well, but not well enough to piss on the office floor one day and shout out 'fuck you all,' and leave the damn place. Not well enough, otherwise, they would run out of slaves. And without slaves, they won’t get rich enough. So, I hope you understand now how important your role is and how much your boss really cares about your well being.
Do you know why you sometimes have diarrhea? Because your body wants to transmit a subtle signal to you about its opinion on your current working place: the corporation.