Failure is never a failure unless you acknowledge it as such and stop trying. Failure is a word, a group of letters which denote one outcome. It does not refer to life itself, to the milky way or universal truth. Actually, we don't even know if it is true or not. Somebody can call something a failure but no way does that mean, that it is actually one. It only represents an outcome viewed from a certain angle at a certain point of time. It may well be, that later time will prove that it actually wasn't one at all. So, the heavy and disturbing meaning we tend to attribute to this word is actually non-existent. The word itself has a blurry meaning, which is contestable, to say the least.

 It is like a stamp. An imaginary stamp we are able to put on our results, actions, choices and unfortunately we tend to use it a lot, even more often than we supposed to or our outcomes from the global perspective ask for. We deliberately mark and label everything with mean negativity although we know, that will not push us forward, rather tilt us toward losing the one thing that keeps us functioning: faith.

 We get to be stuck in present situations that are not to our liking and judge our existence through spectacles blurred by uncomfortable present circumstances, but we forget that no perceptible thing and no present situation is actually capable to keep us going forward: we wake up every morning because we have faith in our future. We should not rely so much on that, but the fact is, that the eastern philosophies didn‘t really touch and get deep down in our western hearts. We are almost unable to just „be“. Only existing is not enough, we have to have faith in our future. It doesn‘t matter what faith, it doesn't matter what you believe in, what you think the future holds for you. We all have our individual dreams and goals but one thing is certain: we all believe that we will progress. We all wait something even better to come. This is why we actually go on existing and fighting. Yes, tomorrow is a mystery, but that mystery is intriguing. We want to know what tomorrow holds for us and hope that it will be something better.

 People who get depressed – sometimes we all do – lose their faith. They feel that nothing has any meaning. In some universal sense maybe our human existence, taking in consideration the size of the universe seems extremely insignificant, so they are right. We are all gone in the long term, even as a species, we will not exist indefinitely. So, some problems, we tend to accord so much attention to, from that perspective seems to be overrated, just as the existence itself.

 However, we must make our life worth it for the level we are on – human existence on this planet. And hope makes that happen. An untouchable concept, like hope or faith, keep us functioning. Then why do we tend to concern ourselves with bromidic anguish? It is not the bromid platitudes that keep us going on, but a concept. Something you can not see or touch. Actually, it is created with the power of your mind and in theory, could be created among any circumstances.

 You see now, there is no reason to fear a job loss or a broken vase. They will not give you the reason to live. They are just decoration, your true house is your mind. It is your own precious property. Hope and faith can be created in an instance. You don‘t need a table and 20 folders for it. And those are the free things, you can create by yourself and those are the true things that make you function.

 If you tend to see life from this perspective, the other people with their tiny annoying behavior, problems, one cup from your grandmothers china that you broke last week, the golden bracelet that you lost at the club, the trouser that you stained with olive oil or your boss, who wants unnecessary statistics about even more insignificant happenings seem to be powerless over your mood, emotions and won't seem to threaten your existence.

 Emotional freedom is what you get from not concerning yourself with every single little annoying thing, person, happening that come in contact with you daily. Emotional freedom you get from not being afraid. And being afraid is some prehistoric survival mechanism. If you are afraid enough, you will be cautious enough, so you will stay alive long enough to be able to procreate.

 When you say you are anxious, actually, you are not anxious. You are afraid. Face it. And why are you afraid? Because something is threatening your existence. But your existence actually doesn‘t depend on food and water. You can have those and still kill yourself. People who commit suicide have food and water. They don‘t commit suicide because they are starving to death anyway. They just decide to end it all because they judge the situation not being able to get better any time soon if ever. So they stop it. They lose hope and faith. So ultimately what keeps us drinking the water and eating them food, to be able to walk around with the boss‘s folders is not the water and food itself ( although some food and drink items can be darn tasty) but the faith that you will get another job soon, that you will find a better partner, you will see your kids grow up and have a happy life, to see your garden in bloom or whatever triggers you.

 But you can‘t lose hope and faith because they never existed and they exist all the time. So you can‘t be afraid, nothing can damage you. You are safe, your most precious things, the essence of your existence is for nobody to touch and nobody to threaten or steal.