I was at the beach the other day and was observing the environment through my visually observing organ. I laid there flat and saw people popping up at the beach. It was a nice beach with sand but also greenery. And people kept showing up: the first thing after seizing a sunbed is to take out the phone and try immediately a relaxed and happy face on just for the sake of the picture. Finding the right angle is crucial, finding the right relaxed expression is also crucial and having a big chunk of the surrounding area included into the status-picture is a must-have.

     Have you ever tried to observe 20 people putting on relaxed happy faces whilst they are neither? It’s a delight must say. Totally funny and the way to relax. It is scientifically recommended to indifferently observe as a form of utter relaxation of the mind. No implication, no mental stress. Just watch and feel amused. I watched an elderly lady. She came. Sat down on a sunbed. Seemingly anxious she looked around and smiled at me and commented on something. But I was in the “don’t give a shit” mode so I just blinked and didn’t say a word. From this behavior of mine, she got more frustrated. She kept looking around like having sat in a nail or definitely having something troubling her ass. And then she saw another woman nearby. She approached and asked the woman to take pictures of her. Now I got really happy with myself not manifesting any gesture. I get to lay there flat, not being forced to “take pictures”. So she sat there posing as relaxed, chilling and looking at the see, while the other woman had to take pictures of her. When that was done, she sat like a sick owl on the sunbed tapping diligently on the phone, posting her “chilling” look. When that was done, she looked around like a suricate observing that nothing was going on – thank God – but this obviously upset her. She stood up and wandered away. The whole process of achieving utter relaxation, gazing meaningfully into the distance and posting this deep unworldliness took about 7, maximum 8 minutes. After it, there was nothing more to do. Could go back home, wash the dishes, cook dinner and go pee while watching if anybody else is watching how relaxed she was. I think she is an achiever. I was there lying there for hours and couldn’t seem to be able to wrap things up as efficiency as this lady. For me to relax took almost a day, however, for her took only a few minutes.

    I am not assuming that everybody who is posting pictures on the net of relaxed stages is immediately dish-washing after taking the photo, but it is worth considering the possibility before getting jealous about it. It is just less frustration in your life. Cause thinking that somebody out there might have a better life can be kind of frustrating, that is until you find out that the relaxation was shorter than the upload time.  Who is really relaxed, gazing into the distance and having deep thoughts don't ask unknown persons to take their picture while doing so. Why? Because they are relaxed, gazing into the distance and having deep thoughts. Thinking of how you will look in your next social media upload is not a deep thought. And you are definitely not relaxed thinking about the infinity of space and time. 

    Try to really be relaxed. It is the hardest thing ever. Posting anything is really easy. Enjoying the moment is hard. But for the sake of having different some things from now and then might give a try.