What is a problem after all? A problem is a situation where we have a goal – determined or not well defined and we do not know how to resolve it or more solutions are simultaneously possible and again we do not know the right one. Such a situation is perceived by us as a state fo frustration, conflict even logical contradictions. We often try to make it worse by associating an often theoretical problem by sticking physical metaphors to it, like naming it a „barrier“, „road-block“, „state of suffocation“or God knows what else.

 What does our brain do meanwhile we try to get „poetic“ with the issue? Well, it uses strategies. Using strategies consciously is the way to go if we want really to ease the mental tension we might be subjected to. Here are some ways that are recognized by the science of psychology that are useful to approach the problem. Of course, different issues have different solutions but doing pro-actively something is a very important step and it is perceived by the mind as one step closer to the solution, ergo can make us feel much more confident and overall happier already. So let’s dig into it.

 The first strategy we use is the trial and error method. You keep trying till you eventually get it right. Pretty simple. If you miss it, unless it is a ball game you don’t lose anything, you remain just there where you were before you took the „shot“.

The second technique is the algorithmic strategy technique. This one makes up of strategic steps which will lead us to solve the ultimate goal. These solutions are available only in the case of well-determined problems, which presumably had been solved by somebody else before and we could also benefit from the clear indications on how to proceed in that particular case. We apply the formula, the result comes out beautifully. Some might think, that this is suitable only for a few problems but one might also get surprised that with consequent documentation and research how many things have already been resolved. Theoretically, there are very few things that haven't been done during our history. Not knowing makes no excuses for a bad outcome! We don't have to invent warm water all over again, we just have to apply with some resourcefulness all those magnificent things that already had been done before. knowing is the key. Documenting, taking notice and making associations is all it takes to succeed. If one can not find the way it does not mean, that the way does not exist. It just means that you have not dug enough yet to unearth what was all along in the ground.