People who believe that any human action ever takes place on this planet triggered by mere ideologies are pitifully naive. Every human action is brought about confrontation or cooperation for resources and more often than admitted is rather a confrontation.


If we look back at our history, the history of humankind it doesn’t matter if we analyze the relationship of the ancient Mayans with the conquistadors or the confrontation of the Mayan cities among themselves or the modern affairs between states like the USA/ Russia or China or medieval rivalries between the Huns and the Romans. Every relation regardless of its nature is based on the same pattern and has the same goal: acquiring resources in the aim of satisfying more needs that being equivalent of an even better lifestyle. Now, the threshold between a better lifestyle and pure greed is a blurry one, but let’s not get into that right now, because needs of people are different and depend on many social, environmental circumstances and personal preferences carved by education, personality, etc.


What are then ideologies? Ideologies are a sort of ancient marketing. We inherited them from our clever ancestors. Every king, dictator and any sort of nucleus made by a few individuals that want to lead others to be able to effectively rule, govern or dominate wide masses of people have to find some kind of witty way to do it so that the masses willingly obey since they honestly believe in the cause.

Ideologies are like face-cream commercials: did you know that 98% of women over 40 have wrinkles around their eyes? And do you know that 96% of those wrinkles could become with 99% less visible if you would use XYZ face cream? That is an ideology, in core no different than selling the idea of a superior nation or religion for which some killing might be occasionally necessary.


I regarded with great skepticism the fuss made around 16-year-old Swedish girl who kept speeches in front of hundreds of politicians and businessman. The serious look on their faces just made me laugh. We indeed fool ourselves. Does really anybody believe on this planet that those man in elegant suites and ties were before not aware of any of what that10-year-old with a bad hair day said? They allowed her to voice something and with that, it is done. They can make serious faces while listening to what that child says, even agree with her. Make press declarations. It is similar to democracy in Turkey or capitalism in Romania. The government keeps saying so, hence it must be true.

You can agree on anything, declare what you want but until 6-year-olds are working in cobalt mines in Africa and civil war is fought every day around the globe, fed with guns constantly and we do not ask those imperative questions, where do those guns come from, why are those children not at school but in the mines, we are just not allowed to sit with our serious faces and well-cut suites and “agree” on things we never intend to actually do anything about because it would strongly hurt our family super-budget.