We are all equal. Women can do everything that man can do, at least in our developed societies, we are pretty much able to attend any education form we want, we can pursue any career path we desire, and we can earn as much as a man can. We are the super girls of the twenty-first century. Are we indeed?
We tend to think about gender equality as a result of a long fight for rights, the achievement of the long craved freedom of being able to provide for ourselves. Because in our society, working every day for 9-10 hours is considered freedom. I still don't comprehend this association, but this is how it is called, apparently. So, everybody believes that we, women fought, and won some sort of battle of the sexes. It is an evolutionary grand achievement of the twentieth century. But is it indeed?

People like ideologies. Everywhere you look, from religion to charity organizations, political parties, everywhere there are ideologies, ideals, beliefs. Everybody believes in something, even the ones that consider themselves free of societal pressures or TV advertisements. Even if you run out in the wilderness and think highly of yourself, you will find that there is a tremendous amount of people who are living in the wild and imagining themselves as being unique, when the only thing they are is being similar to a group that lives in the wild already.

So, what’s with this empowerment of women thing? Is this new? Haven’t women been fighting and struggling before? Oh yes, they have. Every time society has a shortage of manpower or bad economics and wants to engage more labor force, there is a large part of society that is right there, just hanging around and waiting to be exploited: women. As long as slavery is abolished, what could there possibly be done anything else than to empower women?


The women empowerment movement is similar to the Russian revolution, or any other revolution for that matter. People always think that there is going to be a radical change, when all that happens is, the lash changes master. But it is always sold to you like a good detergent, with the promise of a white clean future where birds are singing, flowers are blooming, and no, you are not sitting on a compost toilet. This is the way we, the modern women are being sold the freedom dream: till now your husband was your master, from now on you can choose between the mortgage, career pressure, your boss, and the list goes on. Practically we exchanged one boss for twenty-something. I think this is a very good deal we made and should be proud of ourselves. But did we make it? At least everybody wants to believe we did, but I am not so sure.

Observing history one might observe that leaps in our societal conduct, evolution, comfort, etc., are made only when someone is profiting. I believe that nothing happens without some group profiting from it. If ideology does not have powerful friends, it's not worth anything, but the moment one recognizes the profit potential, there you go, you have communism, Christianity, slavery, etc., unfolding. When a big enough group emerges with contradictory interests as the ruling party or establishment, change happens. How much the average citizen is benefiting from these changes remains open for debate.

The widespread enabling women to be free - which is equal to getting a job - happened during the two World Wars. There were attempts, already in the late nineteenth century, and before that, however, nothing really significant happened for centuries and millennia. Why exactly then started the shift in mentality to happen? Were women asleep for thousands of years, and suddenly they woke to the stunning realization that they are being suppressed? Or the increased population needed increased workforce to sustain it? Because wars were swallowing a large part of the male population. They were fighting, dying on the fronts, meanwhile all those factories which popped up during industrialization needed workers. Stuff had to be done, and there seemed to be an insufficient amount of men to do the job. So, Susan B. Anthony, the first women who tried to vote or Simone de Beauvoir encouraging women to take on more active roles in society, and many others paved the way toward our extremely happy lives today, as an equal partner of our husbands, partners or whatever we might have at home.

I am not arguing that to be able to vote, to educate ourselves or get any job we desire is an achievement, an evolution and it is better than being subjected to total dominance and minuscule dictatorships under our own roof, however, I might question the degree of freedom and equality we truly obtained.

We will never be equal to men, and this isn’t an ideology, it's nature speaking. We like to call things names, and we think that by calling them names we resolve the severity of their condition. We don't. Facts remain facts, and nature usually doesn't care about our snowflake souls. We, women, have more stuff to do than men, even from the biological point of view. Nature is not equal. Nothing in nature is equal, perfectly symmetrical, and smooth. Those are only man-made inventions. We are the ones who give birth, the ones who crawl in bed every month, the ones who have hormonal ups and downs all the time, the ones who are breastfeeding, take care of children and now, in our modern society, we are the ones who are hunting down and killing the beasts in the forest, dragging them home ad chopping them.

Men help around. They work too. They could do everything we do, and we can do everything they do, but this role of ours, the one that has to do with our feminine nature, is always ignored by everybody. What about that? What about taking the responsibility of providing off women for doing something that only women can? Giving birth, and all the feminine package? We will never be equal. Till men can’t go around having children and menstruating, we will never be equal.

I have the feeling that what is actually going on now is not the liberation of women and bringing the scale to equal but overburdening.
For example, people never ask men, they always ask women: you are over thirty and you still don’t have children, when are you going to have them? This is always a unilateral approach. It is like asking men if their dick is hard enough. By the way, why doesn’t society ask men about the hardness of their dicks? Or the length? Daily, let’s say. Or how much they earn for the women to be able to fully engage herself in motherhood and also enjoy the process, without worrying about salary and career moves in parallel with breastfeeding? No, they never ask these questions. They are only addressed to women. So, no matter how hard we try, we can exist in only two stages: suppressed or overburdened. Choose! The second one sounds much more charming, it can be nicknamed freedom, sexual equality, and other bullshit like that.

Of course, there is no difficulty in recognizing why everything is as it is. Men are simply incapable of providing for the family anymore. This is an economic issue. My grandfather couldn’t, my father couldn’t, and here I am a truly free, equal woman as a result of that. My grandmother worked, my mother worked, they were slightly suppressed, but now I am here, I am absolutely not suppressed, and I can now start figuring out a way how the hell to have a kid before I get into menopause, meanwhile earning good money in order to avoid starvation. I feel exceptionally liberated. The freedom I have is so huge, sometimes my back hurts. My physical therapist told me to avoid carrying heavy burdens, but I ponder, how can one in our free society avoid?