We are victims of some kind of marketing price strategy daily and we don’t even realize it. Unfortunately, nowadays there is no guarantee that the product you are so proudly acquiring at a high price indeed offers more value than one having a much lower price.

 Indeed till around the beginning of the XX. century the products that were expensive were so due to the usage of high-quality raw materials, high-quality workmanship, transportation, distribution, etc. in one word, costs. Costs were the defining factors of high prices and they automatically implied a high level of sophistication, uniqueness or quality.

 Value and price are no longer proportionate. You as a customer have no way of knowing the percentage of real costs in a price and in many cases, you would even be surprised if you would find it out. You would never assume that high priced T-shirt’s real cost to produce may represent only 1% of its total price. You would name it a worthless piece of crap and never take a look at it. But you do. Cause some name is written on it. So you pay. And no, you still don’t consider yourself dumb.

 In today’s society making a price based on costs and adding some profit to it is an obsolete issue. So you can forget that. Even the demand theory is way passed. There are less and less true demand and some sort of false demand that it is artificially created through the various channels of product promotion, instead, you have competition and profit goals. The profit is the main target, the product is only a way of getting the profit. So, they produce it for you, so you don’t say that you gave your money for absolutely nothing. Don’t worry, you will probably get something instead, a piece of plastic, a piece of metal, glass or some dish mop.

 What you see is never what you get. You get feelings, emotions, moods, and attitudes. You don’t get deodorant in order to smell somewhat better than a horse, instead, you get some sexy chicks. You get status. You get confidence and God knows what else. At least that is, what's promised.

 Unfortunately or not human behavior is rarely controlled by rationality. We like to think that, but it is not. Most things we do during the day are the results of some emotions produced by hormones. We are not really in control. We are on autopilot mode most of the time. And this behavior is used by other individuals for profit. They will make us believe. From childhood, they spread this disease we can never escape of. The disease of false values. We long for false values all of our life and what is even more detrimental, we allocate our income to buy items that aren’t but seem and seem but aren’t.

 We live in a world where nothing is or it is not. We don’t even know what reality is, we just assume. Everybody assumes, which is not bad and even could be uninteresting if it wouldn’t cost us that much.

 I feel betrayed when I see a scarf that costs 100 euros and I see that that thing doesn’t even have one single stitching. No special material. Nothing. They assume I will buy that small 0.001 cent label on it and pay for it n hundred amount. Yes, I know that till a product gets into the shop several other costs are implied, but the truth is that all those costs don’t even come close to the price they are asking for it.

 One must realize that the best determination of the quality must be let to your own eyes, touch, and senses, not to your preconceptions. Not what you already know by only assuming, but what is actually in front of you and I tell you, whatever the thing may be, it is probably not worth it. After realizing this you may decide if the thing is worth for you personally or not. For example, I paid a lot for my shiny big black car. Why do I need that? Because I come from a poor family that never had a shiny big black car. So I decided that I will buy one when I will be a grown up. And now I seem to be one. And yes, I continue to feel special and clever.