Well, we all heard about quantum physics. And none of us understands any of it. But one thing, (maybe not the right one), but one thing is really stuck in my mind: energy. Matter is insignificant, all that keeps things together and makes a mouse or my dinner is in fact energy manifesting itself in a certain way: mouse way or chicken breast way. Now, there you have it. Soon you'll find me with my own show on discovery science I think...at least after this article.

  GOD, I enjoy life! Hahhha!

 So, it would normally follow the question: if things are energy, like you and me, and of course the chicken breast steak, maybe everything that exists, what we can grab and what we can not, are a form of energy manifestation too. Maybe Frank Kinslow is actually right in some mysterious way somehow in combination with Napoleon Hill. Our thoughts are a form of energy, our most powerful one is the sexual drive and the exploitation of the latter highers, not just our heart rate (which will burn more calories LOL), but used in the right direction will change our state of mind in an open, courageous one, which eventually will bring us positive experiences and happenings. Because we loose fear and gain strength. We act driven by hope, and we do  not demoralize. An attitude like this will bring us result sooner or later. It's like we would have a ball of fire, like some X-men character, with which we could destroy or create. It just depends on how we use it, how we hold it, and that we never ever get way to close to it, so we  don't get ourselves burned. :))

 But what if everything is energy? If thought is energy, then we could create it, destroy it, recreate it...so we could do anything we want with it. We can attract things, like Napoleon Hill, says you can attract riches, for example, or you could push things away and attract negative ones instead. 

 The whole universe is based on push/pull effect. And inevitably when you push something away, instead you'll be hit by something else. So, if you refuse to be hit by the beam of positive things, you will remain off-guard, and negative chain of events can hit you instead. So, you have to assure, that you never ever remain off-guard. Yeah, yeah...BS-you could say. It is easy to advise, but how to do? That's easy too. It takes some self-control, but anyone and I say, ANYONE can achieve it. How do I know? Because I achieved it. 

 Some people look at me and say: you are perfect or you are lucky. The truth is, that some years ago I was seriously thinking about committing suicide because I felt ugly and unfortunate. Why? Because in every single person's life you can find things that are not 100% right. In fact, there is very very hard to find things in this world that are 100% right. So if you expect perfection, any success, looks or relationship can seem the worst in the world. 

 You have to realize that is all in your head. The most of our life we are spending in our own head. Now, if the head is compromised with negative thoughts, they can reflect upon every single thing you do or accomplish. No matter what people say or think! Seeing something in a certain way is a matter or choice and yes, a matter of intelligence, that has nothing to do with how many books you've read, because the most educated people tend to live the most miserable lives. So, Napoleon Hill is right: success depends on something else, not on what we take as education in the “classic” sense. Success is also not a thing “outside of you”, but  a thing IN YOU. It is your choice, if you are a product manager at a small company, you call that success? Or you are crying that you are not Mark Zuckerberg? Maybe, if somebody would put you for a few months in his skin, you wouldn't even want to be him. But you can pretty much become miserable over it, couldn't you?

 There is a very intriguing film, with Jude Law and Forest Whitaker, called the “Repo men”. Worth seeing, it questions what is reality and what is only in your imagination. You could have a pretty good life living in your own head, and sometimes reality just doesn't raise itself to the level of what your mind can offer you. In extreme cases that is bad, but exerted wisely and with moderation it improves your life. Improving your perception about things, people, happenings improve your own quality of life. Like myself: I do go regularly to the gym and I lift. I also have a trainer, who besides, that he is a good trainer, is the most messed up and disorganized person I've ever known. Never ever shows up in time. I can choose to abandon him, quarrel all the time or make more cardio till he eventually shows up. I choose the latter. I could hate, I could make myself nervous. I could be a hater or an angry person. But I don't choose that. What I end up with: better body, and less stress. It was a matter of choice. The reaction makes the difference, not the event itself. Remember that!

 You must always choose not to infect your positive aura with negative thoughts. Because negative thoughts are like viruses. They tend to spread quickly. Like spilling the coffee on Monday morning and making a huge fuss about it could ruin your whole week. Because you entered the diabolic circle of “nothing works”. So, you project the split coffee on everything, that could have worked just fine. 

 You can not expect that everything all the time will go smooth. There are bumps on every surface. Don't be arrogant, don't keep your nose too high or too low. Don't be negative, cause you won't be able to see the bumps and get over them easily. You could fall or even stop, cause they could seem too high to climb, and in reality they may be only half an inch, and if you would take it normally, maybe you wouldn't even notice them, just step over  and continue your journey.