We have many habits. But we almost all the time long for new ones, ones we judge as healthier, more productive, with more benefits.

One thing you can forget for sure: making a habit being an easy process. Sadly it is anything, but easy, nevertheless I have never seen a really good thing in my life being awesomely easy. Especially when it comes to adopting another lifestyle or introducing something new in your life.

Forming let's say a “gym-goer” habit has three stages: initial enthusiasm, which evaporates after the first few months or weeks, after comes the torture part, where you just simply have to force yourself mentally to show up in the gym and the addicted-habit stage, when you just don't ask yourself the question anymore if you should or should not, have the “appetite” to go or not, because you found your routine and even feel the physical need to do so.

The initial enthusiasm fades due to the fact, that when you get in bodybuilding, you are inspired by all those genetically very gifted and steroid user models from the TV and all over the internet. After some time the pale truth comes to the surface, naming that you just don't get big or don't get an absolutely different body construction only due to the fact that you work out. The regular eating and respecting strictly the rules in the kitchen add the most value in achieving your goal. Nevertheless, the bare truth is, that in most cases, you seem to can't even get close to the goal you had in mind, imagined to achieve in a few months. And that can be truly demoralizing. I know.

How I got over it and managed to keep pushing myself going to the gym? Simply. Not living a daydream. Being realistic is very important. Just acknowledge yourself, as the way you are, your construction is, your genetics are. It may seem very boring and pathetic to say that you have to compare yourself to yourself only, but actually, this is the truth. Comparing ourselves to other people, to other people's looks, bodies, behaviors, acts it is sheer rubbish. The truth is, that Nature doesn't bless everybody with the same package. Don't we like this fact? Do we want to fight this? Sure. You can spend a lifetime doing so. Keep fighting towards yourself. Towards your need, your physical and mental capabilities. By the way? Did you know that people who have more inclination towards some sort of addiction are far better at bodybuilding too, for example? At keeping their right calculated nutrition? You know why? Because this must be an addiction or you just won't get an equally astonishing result, even if you are genetically, physically very gifted. People who have no inclination towards addictions can fall much easier out of a strict diet plan. Why? Because if the need for an addiction is driven towards let's say obsessively calculating your meals, you will keep up with the calculating, taking care issue, due to the fact, that you need an addiction and this offers you one. It is very optimal, nevertheless. But what about all the other people? The ones that have addictions but can't manage to transform them or the other big part of people who just don't have any addiction, nor have any inclination towards getting one? But every category wants to look good. That is also normal. This is the reason why it is so imperatively necessary to set your goals and expectations suited to your own self. Not suited to super rich stars, steroid users or models. But tailored exactly for you. For your unique profile.

Keep in mind, that whatever miserable you think you look like, if you work out and take care in a normal, calm way of your diet, still you will look different and much better than 90% of other people who never step into the gym? Do you even know how few those are who actually look better than you? Of the whole population of the Globe? A few percent. But of course, the 0.005 % is what you actually see on TV, not the rest. So you get depressed because you look worse (after let's say your judgment) than 0.005% of the whole population of the planet? It sounds funny and actually it is funny.

So calm down. If you are no addict, you will fall off the track once and a while. Take it as normal. Part of being you. Who could be better than you?

Do you know we have one life on Earth? Or if you believe we have more than maybe, but if you don't know about it, still it is no use, is it? So why not concentrate a little on this one.

You can not change your height, the width of your hip bone or shape of your skull. So, it is not worth thinking about it.

I truly believe comparison makes us unhappy. Look what that one did! Look how that one looks like! And here is me... Me... The failure me. Me that can't keep up eating almost only protein for dinner, me that doesn't go every day to the gym, me that isn't that addicted, focused, rich, loved, me that procrastinates all the time, the Me...the Me..the Me...

Some people don't care about a lot of things, just go anyway. Some people think a lot and suffer a lot. Compare a lot. This can happen in every single area of your life. Gym, nutrition, love-life, work and whatever the heck we may get ourselves involved in.

It is unnecessary to tell you to stop thinking and go with the flow, cause there is no such thing as “stop thinking” but I can offer a thought you may want to contemplate on. Just read this, think about it. You want to make a new habit. Not an addiction. And habits are not done 24/7. addictions are.

You are you. The other is the other and nobody can change the fact, and nobody leaves Earth alive either, neither will Jennifer Lopez make a photo shoot after having a thanksgiving dinner. Don't have the demand of yourself to change suddenly. Just chew on this for a while.