Everybody is telling us that getting out of our comfort zone means actually living and we can live our life to the fullest only at the moment we get out of our comfort zone. We should do things we are not familiar with, we are uncomfortable with, which present a challenge for us. I am not going to argue against it because doing the same things all over again every single day could mean a dull life, but not necessarily. There is always another side of the coin.  Every theory is only a theory. Somebody's theory, somebody's experience and somebody´s view on something. So vague and unimportant it is. A fragment of somebody else's imagination. That is all that a theory is. It may be true, it may have some basis or might be entirely false. 

     Getting out of our comfort zone could mean that we are on our way toward huge success, inventing something or creating something. And after doing so eventually having success. But getting out of our comfort zone it doesn´t necessarily mean all these things. If we get out of our comfort zone and we do things we are not familiar with, yes, we might benefit of some kind of holy mixture of talent, luck, perseverance, and constant self-motivation but it is not the only way it can go. Because if we do things we are unfamiliar with, that means that the certain thing is new for us, and that means, if it is new, we haven´t done it before. Now, if we haven´t done before something, there is a very high probability that we can fail. Now, failure does not come along with positive feelings. Yes, if we fail, we tend to tell ourself that this is a way of learning, accumulating new experience and eventually we will benefit from it. That may be true in the long run, but failure is still a failure and we will experience it like that. No amount of self-motivating voodoo talk is going to make us feel ecstatic after failing anything. Next time we will again attempt something new, two things can happen: 1. We fail so often that we will get used to it or the previous failure will make us immune to it, that it will no longer stress us out that much, or 2. next time we try we will be even more freaked out. Because we are afraid that we will again not succeed. And being freaked out stressed out, it is not a good feeling. If we are stressed we may experience a certain disturbance while sleeping, getting up at 2-3 o'clock int he night, and going through that problem all over again, chewing on it endlessly. Generally, we can get a bundle of very bad feelings, all the time afraid what is going to happen next. If we are stressed out too often, it is impossible to be happy. Being afraid or stressed does not come along with happiness, relaxation and all those feelings which are from the positive domain. 

    It is wrong to say that your life will be happier and it will be nicer if you keep doing and attempting new things. It might, but it might not. No. Your life will be nicer at the moment you feel nice, if you don’t feel nice, your life is not nice. Even if nothing happens to you, you could get along feeling cheerful, but if you are stressed out, you are afraid, it won’t make you happy.

     And now returning to the first assertion namely that getting out of our comfort zone will bring us great benefit, and this is how you will truly experience what life has to offer. Well, life has to offer a lot of things, but in the end, there is only one important thing. Only one and that is to be happy and it doesn't really matter how you achieve that. Now, what if being happy means watching TV and that is what it means for you, can somebody else come and tell to you, that it is not true, because they know better? Because climbing mountains and viewing down on the landscape from it is a superior happiness? Maybe for some people that is superior happiness. But for some, it isn’t. We have to be aware of other people telling us as a universal law what should make us happy? Was is acceptable? What is ... why don’t you let me form my own opinion about it? All the social media and every media is full of advice on how you should you live your life. I have recently read an article about pork meat and how detrimental is that for your health, claiming that all the traditional dishes are some manifestation of the highest evil possible, must avoid with all costs and how we all should eat steamed chicken with rice, broccoli or similar. Because that is healthy. This is some kind of new bow-wow: living, eating unhealthy. You can scare children with this stuff nowadays. 

    This whole health thing, people telling others what to do to live longer, to be healthier is getting boring. The truth is you can die in any minute and steamed chicken with broccoli is just not going to save you from that. I saw great sportsman who died of sudden heart attacks at 55, or people having relaxed lives getting terrible diseases, meanwhile, some who ate a lot of pork meat, struggled a lot, etc lived much longer. Negative people living till 92 and positive ones having cancer at 34. It is sad, but there doesn't seem t be any rule.

     Being positive will make your life less miserable, yes, but will it give also longevity to it? No. Not necessarily. Just as not necessarily, as not everyone who smokes has cancer and not everyone who makes sport all the time and keeps swallowing omega 3 with probiotic and carrot juice will live to get 100.

    I am not saying, don't to eat chicken or steamed stuff if this is what you like, but we are too freaked out about it. We are throwing with rocks on things that worked out hundreds of years and we obviously did not die out. On the contrary, we have multiplied like no other bacteria, but now we became suddenly very clever. Now, we know what is healthy, what truly works. Don’t read stupid shit on facebook, don’t. Just look at your circle of friends, relatives, and see what are people dying of. When I do that I see, a lot of interesting illnesses and can I draw a conclusion that only the "all the time sick" people or negative people die early? No, I can’t. Because in most of the cases illnesses just appear and people suffer from illnesses that appear out of the blue. We can not cut out dying. And apparently neither can we cut out sickness.