People have reactions to everything. Nothing ever is just simply indifferent, because it produces some sort of feeling. Why do we react to things the way we do? We all the time see only the facade and we rarely get the chance to get a glance “backstage” of the human mind, in the backstage of a reaction. 

 After listening to my complaints and pitying myself, a colleague of mine once said: “everybody has his or her personal drama”. And so it is true. And so must be judged. The first impression matters, we say, but what is the first impression? You could have a business meeting with your new business partner, and have the impression that he is an unpleasant fellow. But do you know that his dog died the night before? So, you judge a person, being cold and distant, but in fact, he may be a reliable, calm and optimistic person, but that day, was somehow affected. But you don't know that. Then what? You refuse to cut a deal/ because you are afraid, that with such a person the further open communication won't be flawless and that may affect your business? But the truth may be, that you are wrong and you'll miss a great opportunity, just because you hastily judged someone.

 We do not know what lies behind human behavior, although it is true, that we can not investigate all the time the causes of one's action. Sometimes we just don't have any other chance but to be bound to make a judgment ruling on the action, not on the cause of it. Nevertheless, we might take in consideration, that maybe, the reaction that we experience, is not the basic character outline, but an exception. Nobody is all the time brilliant, and everybody goes to the toilet the way... So try to judge only when something repeats itself and not after a one time experience.