About me

 Hello, my name is Erika. I graduated as a fashion designer, however, during the 4 years of high school, having the opportunity to take a glimpse backstage of all of the glamor a fashion show offers, I realized, that people are much more interesting than the clothes they wear. Glitter is only glitter; a powder you can put on yourself for a short period of time that gives a specific look; however, it is much more interesting how you really look like without it!

 When starting to write “The About” section, I found myself reading thousands of articles, self-help documents, and resumes, watching tutorials, all stating how they could assist me in developing and writing the “PERFECT” About page. What eventually happened after all of this research was conducted? The muscle soreness from my Leg workout at the gym shot straight through my body to my brain; all creative thought was lost and I found myself sitting in front of the laptop, dazed and confused, like I was school child standing in front of the class by a huge blackboard, feeling like a carrot just got stuck in my ass, not having a clue what I should write on it. I could almost hear the teacher say: “Go back to your seat! Unsatisfactory! I will see you again next semester!

 After taking a break and clearing my mind, I began to think again how to introduce this website and this beginning to whoever decides to take a look and read. My decision: You should address to a certain audience. Ok, that was easy, but what audience? What age group? What or more importantly, who am I trying to attract and gain as followers? If I address the 35-40 yr old women, does this imply that a 55-year-old will not find my site attractive or something they would like to read? You should tell your audience, that they are great. Why? Well because EVERYBODY is GREAT, however, in society today, the big problem is that people simply tend to believe that they are not. Many people have very low self-esteem or an absence of self-love for themselves throughout the world today. For example, I felt that I was not great and believed that I was not worthy of feeling great about me? Why would I think this? Well, I am 32, single (never married), not rich or famous or from a prominent family background; therefore, easy for someone to assume or assess that I am not worthy or special let alone a great person. A prime example of this type of thinking happened yesterday. My mother was telling me, that some acquaintance asked if her daughter is “OK”; which really means that she is happy and married. (Although I don't really understand the relation between these two). My mother replied, “No; she isn't.” Upon hearing this, the acquaintance asked, “Well how old is she exactly?” She is “31”. “Aaahhh” was the reply. Upon hearing this answer, the acquaintance who now was feeling awkward that she had asked the question in the first place, began to talk about the bad weather that had developed this week. Bad weather in November... In Eastern Europe....really? Like that is the best topic you could find to change the conversation? It's like coming up to your 30-year-old girlfriends all excited and telling them that men have this thing between their legs called a penis! Really? Geez, maybe, if you started to explain in detail how you could actually use it....it would peak their interest ? Whatever. So, my dear readers (I used plural there, assuming bravely, there will be at least two, although now that my grandmother has died, I don't know who will be the second beside my mom...) I am addressing this site to all those brave women, who just simply don't give a damn as to what they hypocritical, materialistic and plastic society expects. Regardless if you just turned 15 and had your first period or your 95 and still get excited to see a handsome man in person or TV (I don't want to discriminate any of my 100-year-old readers, it was just an example!.) Personally, I am fed up and disgusted that “WE WOMEN” are always “EXPECTED” to do stuff. When you look at it, 95% is imposed and maybe 5% is really us.

 This is a place where I don't want to pretend, and maybe find others who will want to share and collaborate on ideas or feelings as women only can share with other women. Hopefully, my comments here will resonate with those that would want to share their thoughts with the world, however, they just don't have the time or just don't feel like making a website.

 Personally, I have spent 3 decades gazing, and now for the first time in my life am able to finally focus and see what it all means. (ok, maybe I am not the quickest person ever...) Madonna once said: “Experience has made me rich”, and therefore, I am not pretending to know it all, however, I want to share what I know and have experienced so that maybe I can help someone else put the pieces together and understand a bit better. In my heart, I know that the more open we are towards others, the more we will receive from life. I know that is 100% correct and whoever tells you differently or says that is BS......Don't believe them! Hugs!